The flowers 💐 too are smiling

           Seeing his steps they rejoice 

           The air gushing gently over them

           The sheer delight of his presence 

        ”   I am here for you all he assures “

          Walk under my fold

          Walk on the path of  truth and purity

          And divine waits  to embrace you 

         Tears stream down my face ……do I even deserve  this

            Surely  Divine grace it is ….

         Am reminded of these words of 

         sufi Rohal Fakir *

           ” when grace was showered  the deal was struck “

        Now I live only  to fulfill my part of the deal

           and smile in his presence 

         just as  the flowers do

   * http://Alaap -Lena Hue So By Sufi Rohal Fakir