Quite a tag Huh, 
Was needed to get you here, now that you have come, read on. 

10.45 pm, Just finished slogging my ass off, literally and figuratively. 
I work in a start-up, Vedantu, Naam to suna hi hoga, ad bhi dekhi hogi, Aamir khan ke sath, Btw that lady teacher in the ad is me and we Co-sponsored KBC( Kaun Banega Crorepati) this year. 
So coming back to the 10.45 PM call. 
SOS call by the academic head, Sales are plummeting and the CEO wants to meet the Core Team of one of the largest Edtech companies of India and I get the call. 

I am a dentist from a fairly decent Dental school in India. I hate dentistry from the word go, I love teaching, One thing leads to another and I become a part of the core team of Vedantu, Working very closely with the founders for over a decade, and am the only woman to have stakes in the same. 
If you think it’s my doing, You will be as surprised as the core team will be in some time. 

So at 11 in the night, for the very first time, I sheepishly entered the Board Meet, Men, Men and more Men and they look at me with the feeling that as HOD of Biology, I could be good at Life sciences and making doctors but what good could I be in a Board meeting where crucial Marketing, Sales and Visionary decisions are to be taken. 

What do they know about My superpower? ” The Little Blue Book”
I don’t attend any meeting without it and in a few pages is all the wisdom to put everyone to shame, It’s no ordinary book, and the words are of no ordinary mortal. 
I wish I could set the stage and flip the carpet from underneath everyone’s feet just the way it happened that late night. 

So the stage was set, CTO, CMO, CRO, CHO, CEO, CPO, CFO, add as many more C’s as you wish. Pedigree- IIT’S, IIM’S, HARVARD, YALE, STANFORD, and whatnot.
EXP- EX Swiggy, ex Zomato, ex-Amazon, ex Flipkart, ex Ola, You name a unicorn and we will have a representation. 
There in one corner, is a humble dentist, from a humble college with the humblest Monk by her side. 

My side came to pitch my points for our dismal sales, They thought I might pass the question citing my lack of expertise or knowledge or might squeak like a mouse. 
How wrong were they, I was a part of Walk The Dragon, the epic course by Swami Ji, AND EVERY WORD HE SAID, IS IN THAT BLUE BOOK.I went on to talk about the red and blue ocean which Swami Ji had so brilliantly explained and asked us to read the book. Blue Ocean Strategy is a book published in 2004 written by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, professors at INSEAD, and the name of the marketing theory detailed in the book.
Jaws dropped and how The small little dentist was the queen of the session and not only that meeting after meeting I was asked to be a part of all of them and my views were often asked on every small little thing. 
I can’t begin to tell how instantly the entire shift happened from just a dentist to a corporate go-getter. 
None of this would have been possible without My beloved Swami Ji. His knowledge breaks barriers and how.  Is there something that he is not good at?
I can’t begin to tell you how I have witnessed that the knowledge which I gain from him leave people spellbound. 
Many more such Anecdotes coming. Stay tuned.