The Gift of Present Moment


The warm rays of the morning sun falling on the trees and the morning grass moist with dew drops were making me feel so rejunevated. The Sun rays filtering from in between the branches and leaves of the trees really motivated me to sit there and do some Pranayam. 

Suddenly I realised talking with the source of energy. Our own Sun.

I smiled at the Sun for this morning time. (Usually I m not a morning person and make my morning time whenvr I get time to connect with the sunshine.)

The Sun smiled back at me and it seemed that it was trying to share some words of wisdom with me ( jo obviously merey sir ke uppar se nikalney waaley they. As its always easy to preach but not possible to apply in reality 😟😟🙈🙉)

The Sun asked me what do you think about the present moment?

Me – The “present moment”??

 Umm.. nothing much . It is there and passes within the blink of an eye. What’s so great about it I wondered.

Sun – yeah nothing great. 

( I was wondering how it read my mind)

Sun – Have you ever realised the power of the Present Moment? If you really think this moment is so powerful. Because it holds our future in it. That is why it is called the Present by the Divine. 

Me – it just passes so fast. How do you think it holds the power of our future??

Sun – if you are aware, you can create your future in this present moment. This moment if you focus on your feelings and see if you are not feeling so good, what do you do? 

Me – I talk to someone, or I spend time on internet, or means I ll do something. Ya but sometimes I m too sad or feel to low to do something if I m not happy. Sometimes I will find people because of whom I might be feeling that way. Infact sometimes I develop such a aura that all things go wrong when I m not feeling good. 

Sun – so u see. If we focus on tht moment, we can choose to either blame situation and people for our problems. But if you are aware you can change the feelings you are giving out.

Me – really?? Easier said then done. I don’t agree. If I m feeling sad, I m sad and I can’t send good vibrations at that time.

Sun – Present Moment in it holds the beautiful gift of gratitude. Be aware. Try coming out of the Blame game. Try not to give out negative vibrations to anyone you feel responsible for your situation. Everyone comes to us to show us our hidden powers of unconditional love and Light. We might have given out some dark balls in the past. They come back. But this Present Moment is the Game Changer. Try changing the colour of balls to white balls in this present moment. Once you choose to take responsibility of the game and change the colour of balls from black to white, you are creating a favourable future for yourself. Just try and let me know how it worked. Give out more white balls of love and Light. You might forget sometimes admist your worries and stress. But we get this present moment again. And we get the same experience till we take responsibility to change what we are getting. Keep on trying and see how your aura radiates with happiness because what we give out we get it first. Even if things are great , just try sending it to the universe as gratitude for the breath we are blessed with. Present moment is the biggest gift. Cherish it.

Me – seems interesting. But really tough. But as you are suggesting I will really try to work on the Present Moment and use it in the best way to sow the seeds I want for myself in the future. It will make my present moment also better’

 I was lost in my thoughts when I realised that the sun was becoming brighter and the warmth was appearing really a blessing in that cold weather. I took the opportunity of the present moment to thank the sun for the wonderful guidance and for its loving warm rays and it’s beautiful Sunshine.