Have you ever come across The Old Folks With the Garden of Eden Syndrome?

You know the Garden of Eden syndrome. You can tell the afflicted. They begin a sentence with a mix of longing and pride. “Hamare time pe toh…”

They will say that when they were young the environment was pure, people were more loving, food was purer, the crime rate was low and the list goes on….

I have listened my parents reminiscence their childhood or old days. There is a sparkle in their eyes whenever they tell a story even after telling it 1000 times. They compare the old days and the present situations and say that old days were good.

Didn’t they had fights back then? Don’t they have any grudges , regrets? Didn’t nations undergo wars? Weren’t women were suppressed?

I did a little introspection. Spare the technological advancements everything is same. Mother Nature drops some kind of veil on their eyes that they see the past where everything was perfect. In reality some wounds of past are healed with time and other are ignored. It was far from perfect.

Human mind operates in the same manner no matter the era. It complaints, finds faults, thinks negative when it is not trained. Even when Krishna himself was on Earth MAHABHARATA took place. Draupadi went through vastraharan incident. When trained to think positive our mind take us to more calmer, peaceful place within. Its just that the situations happening to us now seem more gloomy because we are going through them. Once they are processed and lessons are learnt with time the pain fades away.

Mind can be trained only through awareness and mindfulness which means we have to be present in the moment only because Life is happening right now. It can be experienced here only. ‎Yesterday only my life guide Sushree Nishtha Om guided me to give my every ounce of energy and enthusiasm in my present life to live the life I want to live in future because our purpose of life unfolds itself in front of us only when we become content with what we have and stop fighting with life.

Life is happening for us not against us.

So be present




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