The Power of Mother Divine’s Name.

The one who shatters fears, greed, illusion, anger, bitterness and lust in my heart,
The one who bestows me with courage and strength instead in their part,
The one over whose name my heart thumps with might,
The one through whose guidance I am becoming an instrument of Light,
I bow down gratefully and humbly to Mother Durga, Mother Kali, Mother Bhairavi whose divine qualities are guiding me everyday through the night!!

The one who is endowing peace and bliss to my restless mind,
The one who is guiding me develop the real inner wealth in its constricted bind,
The one who is helping me develop abundance during and after the grind,
The one who is pouring me with reasons to be more grateful and kind,
The one who is teaching me these are the basic qualities to attract wealth in real life,
The one who is teaching me to hold on to her and focus on gratitude during the strives,
I bow down gratefully and humbly to Mother Lakshmi and Mother Kamakshi who are bestowing me with secret of living a blissful, fulfilled Life!!

The one who is enlightening my mind,
The one who is keeping a check on vanity and pride,
The one who is clearing my tongue and sweetening my speech,
The one who is giving me wisdom to practice what I seek to preach,
The one who is showing how to be mindfully strong and rich,
Her Veena’s tune is creating poems out of words dry and bleach,
The one who is taming my restless mind and putting joy and bliss into my reach,
I pray and bow down gratefully and humbly to Mother Saraswati and Mother Neelkantha Saraswati to not only make me learn but to motivate me to also guide and teach!!



After installing the Black Lotus app and being exposed to its features I realized the ever growing devotion in my heart towards the Divine Mother. This poem came to me only through her grace and Swamiji’s grace and blessings. So after a lot of hesitation I decided that I will upload it where people will understand the sentiment behind the poetry. Thank you so much for reading till here, I am grateful to each and everyone in this community.

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