The morning I arrived at Sri Badrika Ashram for the first time(also my last up until present), I was thrilled and exuberant to have reached the abode of my Swami and my Hari. It felt like an adventure and it sure was with so many things to do other than the most important thing itself-which is getting a glimpse of Swamiji or meeting him. 

I was not really that much aware about what lied in store for the ‘things to do’ while at your stay at the ashram. I had just come as soon as I got the first opportunity. But there was plenty to do, explore, and enjoy. 

So, after I arrived, I remember going out in the morning to see my surroundings, the ashram premises and the beautiful nature. But the one of the first thing that struck me was the goushala in the ashram. There I saw beautiful cows, happy and busy in their merrymaking in each other’s company. They were jumping and running and gliding towards each other and it felt they were enjoying their time. 

When one another devotee and I went near to those cows, they all ran across and gathered in front of us; of course, behind the fencing which surrounded them. They were very docile, gentle and loving. The calves were busy, the cows were busy and the bulls were busy, enjoying their pass time with their master, a man who was giving them food.

This sight eased my mood, made me feel blessed and the gentle morning weather made it even more soothing. Having witnessed the sight and after enjoying it fully, I gently made my way across and down towards the river that flows just below the ashram-the Giri Ganga.