Dear reader, I wouldn’t call myself a poet even in my most far fetched and wildest dreams. Yet, early last year, I happened to pen down some versus. How I came about writing them is a mystery to me even now. The exquisite, divine beauty of my beloved father, OmSwamiji’s face, eyes and feet were the inspiration behind these versus.



My Master’s face, smiling, effulgent,

Lotus face, dwells in my eyes, my heart.

Upon his Lotus face, radiant, glorious

I contemplate, I meditate.

The flower of my heart unfurls, blooms,

The sun of his eyes warms, nourishes, penetrates.

My lotus faced shepherd, sublime, benevolent

Walks beside me, guides, facilitates

This mind is arrogant, tempestuous, impassioned, scattered…

My Lord Captain, Commander

Benign, merciful; Is compassionate

I celebrate; I celebrate!



Lotus feet, walked into my heart

To rever, to cherish, to honor, to consecrate.

Blessed is the earth, they tread, walk upon,

Blessed are the hands, that bathe them ceremoniously,

Blessed are the heads that bow, genuflect, supplicate.

Blessed are the hearts, that venerate them, adore them,

Blessed are the lives that deify, orbit them.

Lotus feet, walked into my heart…

To love, to idolize, to worship, to invoke.

My heart at my Master’s feet,

Lotus feet, My Master’s feet.



It’s those eyes…

Laughing, thoughtful, attentive, penetrating,

It’s those eyes..

They follow me, probe me, uplift me, enrich me.

It’s those eyes…

They inspire me, motivate me, energize me, encourage me,

It’s those eyes…

They push me, goad me rein me, strengthen me.

It’s those eyes…

They love me, nurture me, hold me, embrace me,

It’s those eyes…

They understand me, help me, support me, cherish me.

It’s those eyes…

They accept me, humanize me, shelter me, talk to me,

It’s those eyes…

Warm, sensitive, merciful, electrifying.

Divine eyes, full of grace,

Kindful eyes, full of hope.

My Master’s eyes, Lotus eyes.



PS: On the occasion of Guru Purnima, I offer my humble and childish scribbles to Him. This life belongs to you, Gurudev.