The movie going inside our hearts or maybe heads, is so beautiful at times. You just don’t wanna break from it. It is always a happy ending there. Be it any heartbreaking, nerve wrenching episode there is always happy ending in the heart.

That beautiful feeling of having your movie end in a satisfying closure. It is not always the happiest ending that conventional Bollywood teaches us. But it is always the ending we desire, we wanna see in our lives. We want the sufferings to end, our dues to be cleared, love to happen, success to be realized and culprits to be punished.

For desires to be dropped and expectations to end we need to walk the talk and realize the dreams. It is a difficult path ahead, we must tread it with devotion and unwavering grit. We are all trying to keep ourselves level headed.

If it is indeed a journey to the core- a difficult one then why not once, just for once, we take a little break from everything outside and the internal pursuits.

Why not just let the beautiful movie play inside our heads, as it brings joy in the heart and a broad smile on the face. Let the old record play just one more time, you know you are soon going to destroy it and it does not cause you pain at all. It is all about chasing the happiness, which is lost in the blink of the eye many a times. So just close the eye, stop it from blinking causing the happiness to fade away. Be happy in that moment, in that sweet dream which may or may not become true for you were saving it just for yourself. Far away from any being, not letting even a breeze to come blow away the light inside of you. None can touch your beautiful story inside your heart and it gives you happiness. Maybe you dream of flying, walking that center stage, dancing your fears away, singing your heart out, confessing your love deeply, holding your beloved in your arms, seeing your child smile, talking to the one who has drifted apart, eating that favorite dessert of yours, drenching in the rain or shouting at the top of your heart! Close your eyes, watch that dream movie once again, let the joyful tears roll, the heart fill with euphoria and the lips to grin the brightest!

Just once (you know you can go back to your pursuits) be happy in that moment thinking about your little secret of happiness. Do share if you can, that little dreamy sequence that often runs in your head before we are ready to drop it all for good 🙂

Lot’s of love <3