One day the mind wakes up
And find its way
To all things beautiful
it’s neither lured nor laid waste
in the thick of sorrow
it watches
it waits

Amidst the perfectness of life
it sifts boredom from problems
on the dark chugging nights
it looks to the sky
to a dawn that’s inevitable

The circuitry is alive
and just as easily
it returns to sloth
inhabiting the body
is a mind with two halves

A great artist
the mind loves its muse
turning scenes to sequence
water to thirst
in its archives
deep furrows of life are etched
on our foreheads

Undeniably the day arrives
when the mind catches itself
watching itself
and the emptiness of all things
bursts through the senses

It’s when they say
a thousand years of slumber
are lost in a day
lost to a space
that has no name no address
it’s here the mind awakes
to an infinite ocean with no waves

A mind so unperturbed
auspicious as Shiva Himself
a mind unlike no other
neither looking ahead
nor past

A mind of great beauty
no fear no wrath
a lake of sweet water
O great Manmathari
clear and
piercing as your eyes

The mind of a Yogi
both void and devoid
inherently empty
simply… a flow of time

-note: Shivratri image by Anand Om

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