The invisible hand on us. The hand which sometimes we fail to recognise. The invisible power which sometimes we are not able to see due to dark clouds surrounding us as difficulties. But the power is working in our favour. The powerful Hand of Grace and Compassion.The powerful invisible Hand of protection and forgiveness. Which is our invisible charioteer and we do not realise.

We just need to relax our mind and focus on breathing. More we focus on our breath for few times in a day, more we make ourselves aligned to our higher self. 

Just sit relaxed. Some breathing. Bring back your mind from all thoughts for sometime and tell it it’s the time of you and me. Simple breath in and simple breath out. Do it for few minutes. No thoughts. No chanting. Just you and your breath. And see how your mind becomes calm for the next moment.

Rise and Shine 🌟✨✨