I always struggle with this word ” May Be”. Sometimes I feel it has become the tag line of my Life. I have read somewhere that it is good to be in confusion because then only you can search for the truth but what if this “May Be” always surround you in your life. Are you happy? May Be. Sometimes this confusion can create a lot of agitation within oneself. When you don’t have any answer to the questions of your life. You can get distracted to avoid these essential questions of your life but somewhere within you these questions will always exist and when you try to answer them sometimes it can be ” May Be” and in my case it is mostly this. I don’t like this state of confusion personally most of the time it hampers my self-confidence and makes me feel powerless. But this is only the dark side of it.

There are some brighter aspect of it and recently this ” May Be” have done something different for me. This ” May Be” motivated me or I can say to get rid of it I felt the need to search within myself and that search lead me to Swamiji and with his grace I have learned about many new dimensions of life. Sometimes we need new perspective or different perspective to see the old situations in our life that are the cause of major hurdles within ourselves. If we are a true seeker of truth then this confusion can lead to clarity in life. We can shatter many boundaries that are just the creation of our mind supported by the limitations of the society.

I think if we know how to use these words correctly in our lives then this ” May Be” can work as a miracle.

#Kindly share your opinion how this ” May Be” have transformed your life in a different way. I will be glad to learn more from all of your experiences.