One day, in a casual conversation with my dearest friend, my store house of wisdom, the topic of judgement came up. She said it’s very important to Not judge anyone or anything. Just accept what is.

She elaborated saying that when you are analysing the merits and demerits of someone or something, you are indeed adding to your Karma baggage. What do we actually know and why should we even let our minds touch that space of analysis of something worldly.

My spouse has to say this about me, “You are being judgemental”, I retort saying, I’m just expressing my opinion to you in a general way. We both disagree.

Yet telling myself that some self analysis and judging my own self, will surely do me good….🙄 I started connecting these conversations, (both separated by time and space ).  To sincerely analyse my behaviour pattern, I take a look within.

Well, I do not judge people often, but yes I do it once in a while and surely with those whom I would like to call my triggers. My equation with a few has not been balanced and there is an underlying mistrust issue. Like when we are approaching the radio station we wish to listen to, yet we are not yet there, like that sound of screeching disturbance, some relations are simply off and it is with them that the judgement bug bites me.

I realised that every time my mind was at unrest about them, what they said or their certain behaviour, I had refused to accept their words or acts as it is. I had analysed the situation with my limited ability, combining the (usually unreliable) perception about them. To this I add the unnecessary questions about right and wrong, eventually allowing my mind to be consumed by drama.

My inability to let go of these souls, without judgements is the reason why I have lost my precious time in anger and unhappiness.

Letting go of their behaviour with indifference could have been so peaceful. Instead I was allowing them to take charge of my precious moments and like a ripple in a lake, let them disturb my inherent peace. This is foolishness.

Viewing from a spiritual perspective, like every soul here, these people too are maybe beautiful ones contributing postively to the world around and their discomfort towards me is something I should accept with grace. And on this path, judging them is the last thing I should do.

By Divine Grace our paths may move apart without the slightest entanglement, if only I do not judge and pull them into my space. By Divine Grace we may sync beautifully at a later time and we may be together walking for a while on the path of self discovery. We really do not know what is in store for this relationship, in this life or in the many to come.

May all my judgements and analysis be replaced by unconditional acceptance. May the Love for the Divine One consume this mind, so it does not have time for anything else. May all of us be blessed to never dwell even for a moment on anything but Him.


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