Stories fill the best part of human existence and we find ourselves surrounded by them all over the place. They make us feel anew about everything in and around and see the world in a variety of colours. I fancy the old Indian tradition where the Guru imparted teachings through storytelling only. How fantastic it might have been!!!
Just imagine a world bereft of stories🙄!!!

In the realms of spirituality stories are the most potent and meaningful way to extend teachings. They can bring upon even the most vague and difficult ideas in a very convenient manner. When I look at myself I see some of the stories appeared to me like myths (they remain mythical for the most of the people though) until I personally experimented and experienced the truth about them. One of them I would like to talk about is the mind as a ‘Kalpavriksha’ (Wish Fulfilling Tree).

It is said that one can manifest anything through it but the problem is; how will you convince yourself upon something that seems next to impossible. It may a possibility if one is able shed all the doubts about it. So a bit psychology here: can one eliminate one’s doubts consciously? So, what I see, sometimes we are logically ready to accept a probable situation but not emotionally and vice versa. So one can make it happen if one manages to reach that state or point where the logical and the emotional faculties can be observed separately and put in tune with each other. I speak about this because I have experimented with it and found it one hundred percent correct. As they say things happen first at the ground of your mind and then in the world. 
But the truth is, it is still the same mind now grander and better. And of course, it has the better chances to entrap you even with more intensity. So let’s me explore a bit on this topic…🙏