Keanu Reeves even took paycuts on the money that was offered to him to star in a particular film so as to get another big actor to act in the film alongside him. For the movie to not get overbudget, he has often done RAKs like these in his professional life as well. Keanu is also Hollywood’s Ultimate Gentleman. 

The recent popularity that Keanu is experiencing has also got to do with his kind, humble, generous and simple nature along with the hit movies that he is delivering one after another. Keanu Reeves is a real life hero along with being a reel hero. His life is full of lessons which we can incorporate in our lives and become more kind in our day-to-day lives. Although life has been hard on him but that just made him more kind. Like they say; if you hit a mango tree with a stone, then all you will get is a sweet mango. Same has been the case with Keanu reeves- The Kindest Actor. 

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