The Legend of Ram

Just jotting down random thoughts on Lord Ram. Not that I am a big bhakt of Ram, but a few incidents I came across prompted me to write. Actually only two.

First was during some course where one senior self-declared atheist lady officer was having friendly chat with us (more a banter). But I think she takes great pleasure in making fun of others and ridiculing other religions etc. The conversation finally veered to Ramayana, where she gave caustic comments on Lord Ram. Her line of thought was Ram was a very nasty god for abandoning His wife, Sita, just because of some street gossip. Had she been there in those times, her reaction would be different while Sita chooses to obey her husband.  

A kinda argument ensued but not many dared to go against her in full throttle knowing well she is vindictive. Everyone put some statements but didn’t go far. Well, though I was in that crowd, I chose not to argue for a simple reason, I am lazy for anyone’s opinion. One person opinion will not change the image of ageless Ramayana. Every religion or theory will have incidents that cannot be argued on updated wisdom of different millennium. Moreover, there is no end to the discussion on politics & religion. 

However, I remembered that banter when I recently read an anecdote about legendary Field Marshal Cariappa. In the 1965 Indo-Pak war, his son was an airforce pilot and became Pakistani PoW. Knowing the presence of the son of FM Cariappa, Pak dictator Gen Ayub Khan called him and assured that proper treatment would be given to his son, and if he wishes, he will be set free. However, Cariappa rejected his offer and further stated that โ€œAll PoW are his children, release all or none. No special treatment needed to be given exclusively to his son.โ€

From this one anecdote, one can gauge Ram’s dilemma as well. He might be the husband of Sita, but he is also the King of his subjects. As king, he had to take the action as per the aspirations of his subjects just like Cariappa had to forgo his identity as a father to his son and become General of the army of a nation which bestows him greater responsibility than confining to narrow identities of father and son.

In one of Om Swami’s speeches, I heard a story where Khumbakaran in conversations with his brother Ravan asks him, โ€œBrother, you have all the magical powers. If you wanted to kidnap or bring Sita as your wife, why not change your appearance to Ram himself?โ€ Ravan replied, โ€œOf course that thought did come to me, but whenever I changed my guise to Ram, my entire mind went pure and was not able to think anything bad about any woman.” Well, thatโ€™s the power name of Lord carries!๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

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