Namaskaram Swamigaru, namaskaram to all.

Sipping the steaming hot coffee under the sky on a mild cloudy day itself was a heaven, a small dream come true. The music of chirping birds set an orchestra in the background. The cool breeze blew bringing with it ‘colorful’ butterflies, that were hovering over the once again more ‘colorful’ flowers in the garden. Picture perfect, scenic, to brief it,  I was fully amused ,clean bold, my mind was miffed with coffee, swayed in tune with birds, breeze, flowers, greens n butterflies, ah yes, butterflies stole the show that day- some were small, light green, white and cream, few were sunny yellow with black and red polka dots. There were larger ones with black and brown body, some with orange splash, while others had purple hue and tinge of blue teased the dull cloudy sky. They were all jumping, who?  Butterflies—hopping, shifting n drifting from jasmine to kanner, shankpush to dronapushp, shoe flower n many more. It seemed they were trying to match their colors with the flowers (mix n match). While looking at their sport I wanted to feel them(not physically), just for fun— then the short film made its entry as the following lines(lines only—please):

An egg hatched a thought, a want

that crawled on leaves of green wish,

surrounded in whirlpool of desires a while;

there it emerged to spread out widely, the wings of aim,

flapping joyously to finish every goal and game.

A day came, a call rang, a voice whispered:

Wait, halt it seemed endless, clueless to core.

It sat in quiet, softness began to touch,

Breath slowed to flow with the fragrance;

Precious time gathered to spend around,

to taste the nectar of Wisdom, the Truth profound.

Something trickled down the welling eyes,

everything melted in the warmth of heart.

Hands felt the rush of the shiver

that ran down the spine with in a flash.

All reached at a point of no return,

only to merge into ONE, the infinite unison:

that was the time, that was the moment,

When vision realized itself as a pure beautiful Soul.

Pours n rains showered in thankfulness,

Heart, mind and every part filled with gratitudeness.

It smiled, laughed n danced like never before,

the world appeared splendid than ever before.

Now it flew, to soar to a great heights a new

To evolve, to live, the only ambition – THE LIFE.

I woke up, from the above reverie, as my younger son clapped in joy. He was after the butterflies to catch them, but his laughter was chasing them farther away. He wanted —the butterfly–this mere wantoness to mundane desires leading further to rocketing goals n unlimited ambitions, may get us lost, forget the real purpose of life. So not to miss, I went to play with my son, both had good time with mother nature, esp., with the  pretty butterflies.

Looking at his happiness, I wished n blessed him good luck for his journey—from a want to ambition, and prayed that, they  help him to find the true meaning of life. Wish you all the same. Thank you. 

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