The womb of lily (Futaba Barbados), when it emerges from its source, carries four flower buds inside it as ONE. As it starts growing slowly, it starts separating individual buds. When the time comes to blossom in beautiful lily flower entirely, all four flowers turn towards four directions giving sufficient space to each other to expand and blossom to its full potential.

Amazing, isn’t it?
Individual growth honoring the needs of others is such a unique quality…

The infinite Creation has come out of one single SOURCE manifested in millions of forms.
Consider these flowers as human beings originated from one single source, each wanting to blossom fully…
Is it not possible?
Surely it is, if each one understands the needs of others and honors it just like nature does. After all, humans are ‘nature’ too…
But why a plant like ‘Lily’ can do this and so-called ‘evolved’ human race finds it difficult?

The plant has connected to it’s ‘ROOTS,’ which provides nourishment and strength. Without these roots there is no existence for this plant.
The human race has come far away from its ‘ROOTS,’ it’s ‘SOURCE’. .They have deprived themselves of the nourishment and inner strength provided by SOURCE.
Once they feel connected, they will see the ONENESS of CREATION, and the endless struggle of life will get dissolved in the soothing touch of CREATOR.

Consider these flowers as ‘Religions,’ it’s possible for each religion to blossom fully,IF and ONLY IF they all remain connected to ‘SOURCE’ as then, they will understand, it’s ‘ME’ expressed in ‘OTHER.’
Will the meaning of ‘Love’ change if we say ‘Ishque’ or ‘Ti Amo’ or ‘Prem’ or ‘Aishiteru’ or ‘Wo Ie ni’?. It will invoke the same feeling within you if you understand it, else it’s mere another word.
The problem today is everybody says different words for the same thing without truly understanding it … That is why so much violence, hatred, anger towards other religions, sects are seen everywhere.

The world suffers because it is more concerned about the ‘word’ than practicing its’ meaning.’

Above is the chapter extract from my newly published e-book ‘Droplets’ on kindle. I am so much delighted to share it with you all.
Thank you.

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