In the sea of 2020, we have finally crossed the storm and reached the land. The rays of grace, once again pacify the unrest within and soothe the hurt emotions.

Dearest Swami ji,

Many many happy returns of the day!

It is today, the Earth feels greener; the flowers bloom from their sleep to be a witness to this day; rivers slow their pace, to dwell longer on this spiritual land; the stars light up the sky as did the diyas on land with the return of Lord Rama.

For us, it is the time to rejoice as our angel has put his wings at rest to walk amongst us, the mortals.

As deers we wonder through the earthly forests looking for that jewel of sweet smell, but in vain.

Until, the lord himself makes us realize of the sweet-smelling jewel that we are.

I bow to that Lord, for taking the responsibility of us fallen beings and showing us the way.

Seeking your blessings and guidance always

with deepest gratitude and regards

Aarushi Atri