I am writing a message, that came in my dream.

There is a seamstress called life and,

Like a master craftswoman she builds existence.

The consciousness who says “I” is her embodiment.

She weaves the fabric of soul through the needle of breath,

And takes joy in us beings’ movements and deeds.

I met her yesterday; of course, in my dream.

She said to me, “Come. O young son!

I have for you, a task, which you should do.”

Initially, I was puzzled on how to respond,

But, her presence dissolved my identity, when she told me,

“I made you and all that’s living,

And only you my loving children, can build the bridge

Which will lead you back to where you truly belong.”

She said further, “I can guide you all, and thus I am here.

You, my creations, have forgotten the history of your heart,

Now it’s for all of you to remind yourselves, and rebuild the path.”

And so, here I am, writing these lines,

So that we don’t forget the task, reminding ourselves,

Our source, from where we have come and,

The destination, which we have to finally reach.

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