There’s blood in my eyes

My hair coming down

Everyone coming at me with scorn

Coming for me, pricking me with a thorn

But I’m just misunderstood, I eat the same corn

As you do, but you’re looking at me like I have a third horn

Whatever I do I’m stared at, now I’m torn

So I said my words louder

Coming back at you with fire

You didn’t hear when I shouted

You were busy filling up your bucket with desire

But I’ll write them for you with my fire

There’s nothing weird about my attire

Now I just want to swing on a tire

And hope they admire

They think I’m a liar

But I keep going

They ran a hundred miles 

But they still got one to go

Selling me for dollar bills

Throwing me up all the hills

I was a free man

With nobody hunting me

But to them I’m just a monster