It was still raining as I went to have a shower. With a hope to see the sun. For me, the rain is not a good equation. Returning back from the shower what I see is that, the rain had stopped with clouds all over the mountains. With the sun just peeping in.

I stretched my body to start my daily routine (very much positive about moving my body almost every day). With my body doing the amalgamation with my breath. I could hear the invisible strength (my breath), which is most of the time lost in the course of our time. The silence was covering me in all possible ways. with my eyes giving me the view of moving clouds. Covering the whole sky and the dense forest.

All I can visualize is a green tree. Bloomed to its best. Glowing magnificently after the rain had run through it. Making it more remarkable with the dance of my body. My focus of point is doing the ‘varikash asana’. Making my eyes more blessed to see the birds flying over it.

Slowly and steadily, the clouds from nowhere had covered almost half of the mountains. As I moved my attention to the left side. All I could see is more trees and a small waterfall flowing through it. The sun was somewhere above it with the clouds in front of it.

I took a breath and seized the time for a while. The eyes were still looking at the scenery. Maybe they were just not getting enough of the view.

With that, I closed my eyes for an inward outlook. My hands were open wide and my breath started to play. And for a while everything became black and all it did was absorb my attention to nothing but an imaginary point (I guess… ). I was in this position for a while. After I opened my eyelids. All I could see was more clouds, intruding the forest and creating a zone where everything was just vintage. I took a breath and excused myself.

It is a good morning.