The inspiration to write this article is to express my humble and deep gratitude to Almighty and Mother Nature for giving us the chance to stay in this beautiful place.

KARANJA, our small naval base, rich in its green and serene environment is full of nature.  It is rich and vibrant with varieties of flora and fauna. And living in between such beauty itself, gives one an immense peace of mind and solace.

We are blessed to see the ripples of the Arabian Sea from our balcony, witness sunrise from behind the lush, green mountains and sunset in the sea is the beauty to behold. The sun paints the sky in ochre, pink and peach every morning and evening. The day is started with new energy and positivity and ends with the promise of new dawn. Whenever I see the Moon, I smile and think Swamiji is also watching the same bright moon. I breathe a sigh of relief.

The nature (part1) 1 Sunrise
The nature (part1) 2 Sunset
The nature (part1) 3 Skyline of Mumbai

When it rains here, many waterfalls appear and we have foggy surroundings. The sound of waterfalls is very relaxing.

The nature (part1) 4 Foggy mountains

There are varieties of age old trees. Tall Ashokas, long Palms, beautiful Firangipanis, cheerful Amaltas, orange Gulmohars, shady Banyans, verdant Neems, refreshing Eucalyptus and many more add to the beauty of the place and refreshes my morning walks. In between those trees stands the majestic 800 years old Baobab Tree like our forefathers. The massive girth of The Baobab is a sight to behold. The large, white flowers of the baobab tree dangle from the branches giving an exotic appearance and it seems it does not belong to this world. It houses parrots and Indian grey hornbills.

The nature (part1) 5

The nature (part1) 6

The nature (part1) 7 The Baobab Tree (800 years old)
The nature (part1) 8                 Firangipani
The nature (part1) 9              Amaltas Tree

There are many fruit bearing trees like Mango, Guava, Jamun, Papaya and Coconut. Below is one of the oldest Mango tree in campus and it gave us plenty of Alphonsos this season.

The nature (part1) 10

The nature (part1) 11

I hope you enjoyed the journey so far. The culmination of “The Nature” series will be with the fauna of Karanja… (Part 2)


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