If you see what all the history, data, and studies show, we are living in the most safest and prosperous time in the history of human civilization. People are more literate, healthy, and prosperous due to the advancement of technology in every field. The irony is, even though we are in the happiest time and progressing but we are not happy from the inside.

The paradox of progress says the more society moves forward, the more problems are created. We have many choices to be happy but they are giving more stress than making us happy and this is the paradox of choice. Perhaps this is the destiny of mankind to remain unfulfilled so that more new avenues can be discovered OR  we are seeking happiness at the wrong places.

I do not have an answer but what I know is the choice, progress, and happiness all are interrelated. Choices we make in life either make us or break us. Right choices define our progress and attract happiness but happiness is an elusive thing in itself. A person who is happy now, not necessary will be happy forever.

But if someone is peaceful from the inside, happiness can be found by remaining present in the moment. Happiness permeates into that moment when you remove any sense that something is missing in your life and of course, happiness is itself a choice which we make and a skill, we develop throughout our life.

Photo by Timon Studler on Unsplash

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