I offer my obeisance to you Rev. Sri. Sri. Om Swamiji🙏Wishing you good health, love and peace . Hari Om.

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“You were born a child of light’s wonderful secret— you return to the beauty you have always been.”
― Aberjhani

Journeying further in my quest : 

Higher Level  Seminar : My Intense training to clearing the  dark forces …

The Day began with immense vigorous and careful training with  participants from the previous seminar and few other trained ones too. Seemed we were all set to the experience. The sessions carried more methodical approach and crisp, stern training.

Of course we had to work on ourselves and train our minds   a lot before hand,  for this level that required mental strength and awareness during the sessions.

There were new procedures involved in dealing with the dense energies comprising  of releasing and clearing the attachments, curses, demonic and even open portals. 

We encountered , witnessed and dealt with so many different  cases in those couple of  days . At times the whole group of participants had to collectively gather  and help release the dense energies. The facilitator had handled a very severe case of a young girl who had travelled all the way from South . She had visited many places met many different Masters , Shamans etc to get treated and working on her ( when she became the client) the entire process almost took  more than two hours to get over. It was practical , mind boggling , intense learning indeed. As each one carried traces of their own emotions with some  spirit/dark force attachment. But yes, the young girl  and couple of others were refrained  from treating others as one truly needs to be fit mentally and physically to treat others. 
Sessions involve communicating with the body and energy of the client, to observing their movements and breath. 

There is a whole lot of things that matter when it comes to healing oneself and when it comes to dealing with  the energy attachment.

  • A detailed brief on Entity Attachments the good and the not so good:

Spirit Attachment, also known as Entity Attachment is when the spirit of a person who has passed away (and doesn’t transit to the other side) attaches itself to a living person’s energy field. This happens in the case of our dear ones or someone we are close to, who have departed. We cling on to their thoughts and beautiful memories and do not come to terms of parting away from them. The departed ones also feel the same, as they too feel this urge and pull to stay back and hence attach themselves to their dear ones  in the form of energy. Esp. if the death is sudden the one that departs find it even more difficult to believe he / she is no more. It tries to attach itself to the earthly plane , and  to a living being or even the location. It’s rare they cause them harm but eventually lot of our traits start to show up like them. We can encounter the the good and not so good ones. 
In normal deaths the Soul leaves the body , goes to the Light and  enters the Spirit world . But in unnatural deaths the Spirit then require compassionate help to be released. 
Release is a two -way process and one requires lot of self healing after it. 

My own healing when I became the client and wanted to address my case of speaking to my dear Parents :

In my case I touched upon something very close to my heart and I don’t mind sharing my experience. An experience that I could not speak much about with anyone, though during my past life sessions I had healed myself. But this meant releasing . And my purpose was to address that dark incident of the accident and probably I wanted to speak to Mom ( as all through my spiritual journey I so wished to only speak to my departed parents)one last time. 

But here, even though it was a semi hypnosis technique used, because it is interactive, which requires dialogues between patient and practitioner…..and I touched  life between lifetime where memories of me being with my dear Mother cropped up.

It was a massive palace, Roman era, my age around 14-15years and my Mom was the Queen of that palace( she was exactly same looking as  in this birth ) . A bit forward… I take her to a massive concrete ground space behind the palace premises holding her finger and she readily accompanies me. Huge  pillars touching  the sky and mysteriously overlooking that whole space . I stop by  pointing at the big concrete long beautiful engraved tombs there and start to enquire about them from my Mom ( there were 13-14 long box like structures laid on the ground). She is a bit hesitant but on my insistence she orders to get them opened one by one from the palace guards . They were all having dead bodies in them. Quite a similar scene to what I witnessed in a day of 4 dead bodies that arrived at the cremation ground in this birth. I so detested the white sheets bundled on them.
 But as soon as the first coffin is opened , my Mom  strangely leaves my hand move away at a distance and stands with her back turned towards me. It’s as if she already knew what was there. To my shock  I see her dead body in that coffin and start to cry. I rush to my Mom and hug her tightly,  tears kept rolling down her cheeks uncontrollably as she kept kissing on my head and I could feel my hair getting wet with her tear drops…

The process required her release as she had stuck to my energy for past so many years and for that it was important that I had to give her certain suggestions to release her to the Light . 

“Mom , I still can’t believe that you have left me , and here today  I see your body in that coffin. Everything happened so suddenly. I am sure you must have wanted to speak to me even after you left your body!” I was sobbing.

“ I am always with you my baby, I never left you” she gripped me tightly. She was sad , the pain in her eyes was evident as she stood still as if gazing at the unknown and unfortunate incident that took place with her. 

“ I know you love me dearly Mom and so do I . I know you went through immense pain , I can still feel it each day . I felt so helpless that I  could not do anything to save you . You left too soon, I could not even speak to you , felt miserable for so many years, so longed to hug you , kiss you but could never find you in person again..”. I kept  laying emphasis on her being no more on this earthly plain that she was holding onto in the form of an emotion/  energy attachment in me.

“ Look I am there with you” she sounded a little feeble this time and kept feeling and running her trembling hand in my hair….

It was a very deep emotional moment and the way Mom was holding onto me tightly , in the true sense deep down even I was unwilling to let her go, for her warmth kept me going and alive for so many years. There was resistance to let go from both the sides. But I was guided that at any cost I have to make her consent, pacify and release her , come what may. 

“Mom, I love you so much, I know it’s hard for you to even believe that you are not here in person …..for my sake you have to see the  beautiful Light that awaits you, to have a rebirth and enjoy a wonderful life .  You need to let go of your pain. It’s been years and you are still suffering. Don’t you want to see yourself in the beautiful Light ? You will be absolutely fine. And look, your child can take care of so many things, don’t worry for me at all. Now please be at ease,  look at your body lying down there and you would be fine, you can trust me on that” I pointed at the coffin.

“ No no, I don’t want to see my body, please don’t ask me to do that, I am happy here with you”…. she panicked and pushed me aside… It’s as if she had sensed that I was set to release her. 

“But why Mom, please for my sake!”  I pleaded..

“Do you remember when the priest asked you to see my face during the cremation , you ran away and sat in one corner with your back. You only kept uttering “ I don’t want to see my Mom’s face “, remember!” she actually took me to the scene when after the accident her body ( it was the year 15 th July 1983) was brought to the cremation ground and I refused to see her face ( which was part of the ritual they say, and the priest was insistent too) According to the doctors, her face was badly deformed . And I did not want to live with that memory, so breaking the so called norms ( even though my granny and other aunts and uncles saw her face and I could hear the women shriek, even from a long distance and that  angered me even the more at the so called vague rituals) I ran away hiding in one corner with my back turned and kept mumbling…”I don’t want to see your face Mom, forgive me”.

Strange that today my Mom refuses to see her own face…

“ When you refused to see my face, how do you expect me to see my face my child. I am scared to look at myself too”, she was in tears.  .

I knew my dear Mom was very sensitive and even if she got little hurt  she would fall sick. She was a such a softie and most cutest and  loving.  Taking care of everyone in the house , to understanding each one’s emotions so well  so much so that she would understand everything from the expression of our eyes . She oozed only pure love. Love you Mom🍃

And today I stand holding her tight…

I mustered enough courage… “ I will look at your body in the grave Mom , would you do the same? ”..I smiled at her  with tears in my eyes…

A Mother’s heart is always so giving and she consented “ Yes my child, I shall surely do the same” she smiled and hugged me…it’s as if she was waiting to be given that final kiss of love and understanding. She did take good care of me all my life. “Love you my Ammi!” There is going to be no one like you…. 

It was such a heartfelt moment…The process of release took place…I know she is in a beautiful place and I wish her love  and peace encompassed in Divine Grace.

What was my experience like.. “ I felt at ease after the process, though it was emotionally disturbing for sometime as the conversation was so real . One only sees all this visually and maybe all these years I was wanting a real face to face conversation . That does not happen.  

After effects of the Sessions: 

One does feel lighter as if a whole lot of baggage is shed . One feels much more calmer, their is this unknown joy that one feels . In many cases patients / clients feel motivated to stay positive and live better. One feels energetic and there is immense clarity in choosing or making decisions . Sometimes even the facial expression changes, there is more cheer on the face and eyes are more sparkling . 

Using it as a therapy I have managed to treat and help many clients ,  done it for my family members and for space clearing too. The response has  always been overwhelming and I remain in gratitude always that I could be of help to many. Again it’s all about strong intent and visualisations which require teachings to an extent . No, it’s not at all important to become a Medium. The same can be visualised with pure  intent, love and prayers . My quest was different but I ended up becoming a Medium because of my focus and intent was too strong to communicate with my dear Parents. 
I am briefing down the same, further  in the most simplest way, as I have witnessed and treated patients/ clients and their was always something more to just the spirit/ dark energy attachments. Again, these are my opinions based on my own experiences and I do stand by it. 

  • Combating the dark Energies/ Entities/ Forces, the reasons behind innumerable….

There are end no of reasons why we feel the entity attachment that is negative. When one is fearing the unknown for a prolonged time, undergoing lot of stressful situations, being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, feeling and falling sick often , there is a lack of energy in the whole well being and it  is much easier for spirits to then attach to a such a person vibrating at a low frequency. Holding on to grudges , being resentful and too egoistic  and finding  difficultly to forgive, this can also put us at risk of attracting unwanted Spirit Attachment.

On the other hand a  negative dark energy carries with it a malicious intent esp. when we are not in control of our very thoughts . But having said that the creation of entities is much fear based  and most of the clients who have entity problems are entities they have created  themselves. Till the time they do not address their intent the cycle keeps on repeating. Since fear creates a lower frequency in the body we get attached to these lower frequency unwanted energies too. The so called dense energy attachments create turmoils and they feed on human’s negative emotions. They love to feed and thrive on living and keeping everything distorted, dingy and disorderly 

To make it even more understandable an entity is also a spiteful intent , and such an intent  is only full of dark energy.

Would like to add a very wise quote by D.T. Suzuki which resonates to the very Light of the Soul …
Thought creates things by slicing up reality into small bits that it can easily grasp. Thus when you are think-ing you are thing-ing. Thought does not report things, it distorts reality to create things, and as Bergson noted, “In so doing it allows what is the very essence of the real to escape.” Thus to the extent we actually imagine a world of discrete and separate things, conceptions have become perceptions, and we have in this manner populated our universe with nothing but ghosts.

  • The  Reality:

It’s easy to fall prey to all kind of healings , to going to all kind of pundits or shamans. Which is nothing but chaining the thoughts for even longer time. True therapy is to make the patient aware of what their core issue is. Things only get worst for the rest of one’s life when  a patient is told that maybe they’re possessed by a demonic energy , and this  fear gets instilled in them till their last breath which also drifts  them away from addressing the real problem too. 

All the strength of the one who seemingly is possessed and displays, is pretty farce and out of control mental issue . It’s not unusual for people on drugs or during psychotic episodes to display such abnormal strength. Hallucinations and loudness display at large becomes a day to day world. 

Let me cite the example of my previous Post on the Paranormal Phenomenon. The case I had mentioned of my cousin , though it appeared that the wife was possessed but deep down the core issue was she was tormented mentally and dominated for many years , and since she was not intelligently equipped to handle herself , she fell prey to wrong company who further created doubts and fears  in her head that eventually led to her state. On the other hand the cousin always was surrounded in wrong company , he had anger issues and his speech was always venomous for he suffered highly from superiority complex and immense guilt because of his actions which he covered it up all the time by portraying that  he is suffering at the hands of his wife who is  good for nothing.  He loved to exhibit his domination, and for such personalities it’s easy to target the weaker ones in the family.
Strangely after his wife got better , she chose to blackmail him recreating the same scene ( as if possessed) to teach him a lesson , create fear in him so that he does not harm her. But this is what one keeps doing  to trick the mind with negativity and learn to enjoy being artificial in emotions most of the time, with least realisation as it how it’s affecting their own Psyche. She started deriving lot of pleasure laters seeing him suffer.    
We can also term it as demeaning and cluttering the mind with unwanted thoughts, day in and out. How we keep fooling and throttling our sacred intelligent self to reach a spot that satisfies us is unbelievable. Such Cluttering of the mind only leads to cluttering our home space , our work space and life space in totality. 
And  for such a soul there are no short cuts to de- cluttering the self till it decides to move away and make his/ her space healthy and better.

Be it a male or female there are in-numerous cases of torture, harassment , agony many go through mentally and physically and remain unhealed for years. We stick to relationships for the heck of it, and eventually derive pleasure in hurting each other all the time . 

That is why it is so important that one needs to reach to a proper understanding to remain aware of one’s own journey of truth, educate and release resistance and or choose the company of wise souls in  life and seek good guidance at all times. Only when you take ownership of your own divinity, there then is no scope for dense energies to enter your auric field. It’s like a constant choice to growth. 

And this is how it all begins ….

It’s scientifically proven that what we think of as emotion is the experience of energy moving through the body. In itself, emotional energy is neutral and is magnetic. Emotions move, have a vibrational frequency, take form, and is impermanent. Good emotions create good sensations and one is moved into goodness.

On the other hand feeding on  information most of the time in a day, with a negative energy, or environment makes one extremely anxious, doubtful,  fearful, deceitful  and nervous and one falls into this pit of getting attached to the lower energies or lower vibrational frequency looming  in the atmosphere. Crafty emotions only lead to impure acts.

Such unsettled  emotional experiences remain unresolved in the subconscious mind and get attached to the lower frequencies  also termed as “The Voice in the Head” and charged with lot of magnetic energy, any incident or drama of the past or day to day life skilfully  keeps repeating all these so called dramatic arguments in the head constantly in a cyclic chain of reaction which leaves a deep imprint on mind-body-emotion-behaviour and thus effects one’s well being to the extreme . We blame the world, our loved ones  above all even a God/ The Supreme Divine energy is not spared. 

Simple Truth is the key to understand oneself…I read somewhere  “In countless ways God is daily seeking your love. He does not punish you if you refuse Him, but you punish yourself. You find that “all things betray thee, who betrayest Me.

  • Because of want of love, attention…

How we ignore ourselves, how we fall prey to others guilt…how we allow tormenting and blaming ourselves..how we go out of the way pleasing and taking care of others, how we treat other, how we learn from our experiences, how we alleviate ourselves…

Yes there is pain, pain that feels healed is left unhealed. But also there is tremendous powerful healing that wills us to move higher..further… If only humans focus and turn to be  compassionate and understanding towards each other , the mental torture or agonies would least show up in families and each one would just heal completely with pure potions of love and peace at large.

  • Appreciating my life and your life:

Every Soul has taken birth to explore and appreciate life. Inspite of all odds that hit life, each one of us still manage to strike a chord and sing  for life even if that meant striking the wrong chords. But the societal norms, or our very own people , create obstruction to the very feelings of the  senses one is blessed with , so much so that a normal human  stops to play , sing and trust  life. Many people end up suffering for years with reasons unknown to them.

The orthodox thinking plays a huge role in creating such circumstances. It’s easy to attribute or deny mental states to all kind of entities, to escape the root cause behind it all,  as it involves  pointing back to the perpetrators own moral and ethical  wrong doings of harming others, be it mentally or physically. It’s an era where we are able to express our experiences and feeling. Can one even imagine what our ancients, the ancestors, the ones that walked before us had to face esp. the women , who learnt to suppress in all quietude. But the world kept finding peace for each rightful courageous intent displayed too. 

  • The Truth of this Soul  journey: 

The truth of this journey is that there is hardly going to be  a time  when everything is going 100% in our favor. We still have to fight out the odds.                  

These experiences are all part of the structural life, and they all contribute to our personal growth – the good as well as the bad.

Quoting fulfilling words by Wayne Dyer..

The Seven Faces of Intention: creativity, kindness, love, beauty, expansion, abundance, and receptivity. And all seven are expressions of what I imagine that source to look like. The very fact that we exist is proof to me that the nature of that source is creative at its core. And there isn’t a person reading this who does not have a gnawing sense inside that there’s something they’re here to do, something creative.

  • Some  soft  words of sweet awareness:
  • Let your loved ones depart in peace:     Grief only lowers our energy , and prompts only   anger, depression, low morale which again is a frequency lowered. The fear of being isolated, left on our own , the mind keeps making all kind of stories and one appears and presumes himself/ herself like a misfit , we feel thrusted with all new baggage of responsibilities and  problems something that one never had to face. Hence it’s important to  allow the deceased person to move on  in peace to the other side and refrain  from wishing they were still here with us.
  • Keep the feeling away and healed from communicating with the deceased   For one is drawn to a darker world sometimes unknowingly, at times out attachment , of quest and curiosity. People visiting haunted houses or places ( which is another way of creating fear in the surroundings with end no of myths involved to it) or end up conjuring with the departed ones with different modalities showing sight of the Spirit world serves no relevance and heads nowhere. We have all it in us that goes to influence our life with a bright side that resides  at all times, that is our spiritual wealth and sincere Faith in the Divine which keeps us naturally high.
  • Above all mental health of oneself :    Catering to the root cause of all that occurs and appears unnatural is the key to helping and healing the self and the ones suffering.  Living in the moment with immense gratitude and respecting oneself. To taking care of your mental health with relaxation, breathing techniques, exercise, simple food. Staying connected to like minded spiritual and wise people , even if that is virtually.
  • A great helpful book I would recommend is of our Om Swamiji “ When all is not well” where one can find so many ways to better oneself.
  •  Seek medical help or counselling when required. It’s absolutely normal to take professional guidance for the Self.
  • Be in charge of your emotions by remaining positive and fearless.
  • Forgiveness keeps our vibrations high and it’s the best protection against any negative energy whether it comes from living people or spirits. There is no fear whatsoever.
  • Only Spiritual practice help combat the so called Occult .
  • Meditation  and Mantras shields , protect and strengthen one’s aura and keeps heavy energies at bay.
  • Do some grounding exercises, like walking barefoot on the grass, or sandy beach. Making pottery, playing in the mud, to having cold showers are immensely helpful. Salt bath is immensely good too. 
  • Using essential oils in diffusers, burning an oil lamp, smudging your space with sage or frankincense ( Loban) clears the space of unwanted heavy energies and uplifts the atmosphere and one’s well-being too. Fresh flowers bring in beautiful energy too.
  • De-clutter the space / your home , donate all that is not required, acknowledge your well being and count your Blessings and heal the sufferings. It’s all our choices and only we can better it. And let’s pledge to make life simple and sweet. 
  • Begin to help your family first, by being compassionate, patient and loving and giving quality time to each other. As what Swamiji says “Whatever you pay attention to, magnifies in your life“. So let’s magnify all that is abundant and positive 🙂 Hugs are healing too. 
  • Once our own work starts our whole well being is energised to a higher frequency. It’s all about raising your vibrations to a higher level.

One journey…let us make it worthwhile , and eventually make our own Spirit smile at  us  when the big moment comes 🙂

One just has to become the Light , to Touch the Light and Experience the Divine Light.

It all begins with a pure thought, pure intent, pure life…


What is the ingredient to double the strength of a positive thought? Faith. For tripling it? Persistence. How to quadruple it? Purity of the intention.

Om Swami

May Divine Bless all abundantly 🙏🕉 Thank you for your time and patience my OS family🙏

Hari Om🙏
Siddhika Umesh

Its sheer co-incidence that today happens to be 15th of July when I lost both my Parents ,  Sister and nephew and I happened to have  written the final post on the Paranormal … a quest to finding them that lead me to me ..aah! What is Life after death

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