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I introduced the three segments in our Path to Om in an earlier post. Then, we went through the first segment in detail. Now, we venture into the second part, termed Clearing the Past

Before stepping into the details of this segment, we must get a thorough understanding of the concept of Karma

A Travel Story

A driver takes the best route possible to get a passenger to their destination. However, the passenger distrusts the driver and keeps complaining about their path. In trying to deal with the passenger, the driver slows down significantly. 

Eventually, to please the passenger, the driver takes a detour. Unfortunately, the new road happens to be a construction site, and the traffic is clogged. Due to that, they’re stuck, and a journey of an hour stretches to three hours! 

Nature and Us

Nature is the driver in the above story, and we’re the passenger. To take us to our spiritual destination, Nature puts us through problems and situations while finding the shortest route possible.

Nevertheless, we distrust Nature’s judgment. We keep creating roadblocks with our fears and frustrations, and we pray to Nature to stop the problems.

Nature feels terrible for us and temporarily slows down the problem. Sometimes, it even takes detours to help us fulfill our desires. In the process, our journey to the destination gets delayed.

Then, we complain to Nature that it’s being a lousy driver for not taking us quickly to a peaceful end. Poor Nature doesn’t get what on earth we want and keeps taking us round and round.

Our Karma

Karma means our actions, as discussed in the first segment. Here let me introduce that the subconscious effects of our experiences are also called Karma. How long a person takes to get to their spiritual destination depends on how much Karma they’ve accumulated.

In the above story, our path represents the Karma that we’ve to clear before reaching our destination. Some people may have 100 miles to cover, and some may have 1000! The less we resist, the quicker we can cover our travel distance. 

My Experience

My spiritual experiences concur with the ancient sages that rebirth is a fact. We have many miles of Karmic roads to cover due to our actions in many lifetimes.

My Karma was terrible because I had assisted my beloved Swami in giving Deeksha (initiation) to his students in my past life. Due to that, I had to go through a rather messy life now.

Despite that, I never resisted any situations. While I was depressed and tired, I never felt feared or frustrated. Hence, I quickly cleared massive grounds right from childhood, which helped me reach my spiritual destination faster.

Further, I also pursued the pointers to be discussed in this segment on clearing Karma. That reduced my travel time significantly. 

The Options

I speak my truth without any exaggeration here. Though, my intent isn’t to make anyone believe. I’m at peace with my truth, and that’s all matters to me. I just noted down my experiences in case it helps you.

Still, you have three options if you find my experiences and this concept of Karma challenging to accept. As follows: 

  1. Swami has a procedure that helps people know their past lives. Though, he can give it only to those who can maintain razor-sharp awareness in meditation for about four hours.
  2. You can skip the meditation effort and take my word for it. I know two of my past lives. It feels like life continues without any breaks across lifetimes! Note: I had no desire to know my past, so I didn’t do any austerity. Still, Nature revealed my past lives to me. Why? I don’t know! 
  3. You can skip all the details about my experiences and  Karma over multiple lifetimes. Instead, you can merely consider Karma as tendencies you’ve acquired in this life. Even healing from this life’s experiences needs massive work anyways.



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