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We’re discussing the second part of our Path to Om. Termed Clearing the Past, it goes as The Universe -> Sound and Light Energies.

In the first segment, we covered kindness toward the Universe. Yet, I’ve repeated it here because a slight tweak can convert kindness into a Karma-clearing austerity.

The Five Types of Kids

Mother Nature has five significant types of kids. How would she react to each of those? 

To start with, a genuine mother loves all her kids equally because that’s her quality. Still, she responds differently to each child. The kids’ characters and mother’s reactions are listed below.

Please be honest to yourself and identify which kid resembles you. Note that the “candies” below mean care, attention, appreciation, gifts, etc. Here:


  • Doesn’t care for self or others. Disregards the mother.
  • Reaction: The mother would be concerned but helpless.


  • Cares for self but doesn’t care for others. Expects candies for everything.
  • Reaction: The mother would find this kid self-centered. Hence, she may give candies to teach this child to care for others.


  • Doesn’t care for self but cares for others. Expects candies for everything.
  • Reaction: Those who care for others but not themselves will end up hurt. So, the mother may spend more time protecting this child. She may give candies to teach this kid to care for themself.


  • Cares for the self and others. Expects candies for everything.
  • Reaction: The mother would be pleased but also a bit worried. Anyone expecting something runs the risk of becoming unhappy.


  • Cares for the self and others. Expects nothing from Nature or anyone.
  • Reaction: The mother would be immensely happy and proud of this kid.


If your character resembles Kid-5 above, you can rest assured that you will take the fast track to clear your Karma. If not, you have some work to do here.

The world appreciates us for our external actions, but Nature senses our internal purity. The purer our intentions, the happier Nature becomes with us.

When our intention becomes selfless towards everyone, and we also care for ourselves, Nature stands with us. It responds favorably and speeds the process of clearing our Karma. Thereby, we reach our spiritual destination quicker.

A Workshop Activity

Here’s an activity Swami suggested. As follows:

  1. Write down everything you expect from Nature and the people around you. Remember, seeking appreciation, care and love is also an expectation.
  2. List everything you give to this world selflessly (while still taking care of yourself). Giving love and kindness counts too!

When your second list becomes longer than your first, you will enter Nature’s good books. The day your first list becomes almost negligible, you would’ve cleared a massive portion of your Karma!



Image: Vecteezy


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