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As discussed in my previous post, we’re embarking on a spiritual adventure trip. The objective is to discover an unknown destination, denoted by Om. Here, Om represents neither the Divine nor the no-Divine. At this point, it’s an open-minded hypothesis that we’re yet to know what the Singular Entity means to us.

Before moving forward, I wish to clear something. Sanatana Dharma is not an organized religion with designated authorities. It’s a liberal thought process with room for all Truths. It even accepts Nastika or no Divine philosophies, so some consider The Buddha an avatar of Vishnu. Over a while, multiple Nastika views got systematically eliminated. Presently, many think Sanatana Dharma only supports faith in the Divine, but that’s far from reality.

With that, Sanatana Dharma has set its Vision and kick-started our spiritual journey. We’ve to get on to the Mission planning now. As you know, when we need structure, we ought to speak business lingo! 

The Retracing Method

It’s easier to understand this approach with an example. Jumping right into it, please assume you’ve walked from your home to a nearby shop. How would you return home? You would retrace your path back home. That’s precisely the strategy Sanatana Dharma proposes to realize what the Singular Entity means to you.

How did you reach where you are today? That’s what the Creation Theory from my earlier post explained, but let me put it in context here. Below is the path you’ve taken to come into existence: 

The Singular Entity -> Light and Sound Energies -> The Universe -> Your Society -> Your Family -> You

So, what path would you take to return to the Singular Entity? You have to retrace as follows:

You -> Your Family -> Your Society -> The Universe -> Sound and Light Energies -> (Your Relative) Singular Entity

The Three Segments

We can divide the Retracing Method mentioned above into three parts for ease of execution. As follows: 

  1. You -> Your Family -> Your Society -> The Universe
  2. The Universe -> Sound and Light Energies
  3. Sound and Light Energies -> (Your Relative) Singular Entity

Here, we are just understanding and planning the course of action. We will cover what these segments mean in future posts. 


Sanatana Dharma is not some arbitrary thought process! It is not like the sages woke up one day and said, I have a euphoric idea of meeting the Singular Entity. It is a well-structured approach to spirituality. Hence, I’m modeling my posts like a step-by-step workshop.

You have the Vision and a strategy now. Believe that you can reach the end, let go of your fear and walk the path with conviction. Your Truth will become evident as you retrace the route to your destination.



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