Have you ever wondered as a child how our mother knows each and everything about ourselves? Yeah the answer is simple that we share an inseparable bond with our mother right from childhood so she knows how I would react in any situation even before I make any move, she is everytime quite sure how would I tackle the situation and at what point I would just give up and come in her arms to enjoy my comfort zone.

Have you ever thought how pure this bond and connection is?

In many stories and serials you must have seen or read that a random guy who has gone abroad for his further studies, how hard he works and struggles to repay the money that has been taken on debt by his parents to send him abroad. And on some random day he is not feeling well and some misfortune struck to his struggling life. Out of nowhere he receives a phone call from his mother at the same time. Surprisingly she gets an intuition from 20,000 km away that his son is going through some critical situation. The guy suddenly breaks down crying and describes his whole situation to the mother and her mother tells her how to handle it and so on.

But have you ever thought how this works? How deep is the relation of a mother and child ?

We all know that every element on this universe is made of extremely small particles called atoms. But what beyond this? Are atoms the smallest particles? Can they be broken? Are atoms of solid are solid in nature? If so what about in case of gases?

Yeah a random stuff of so many questions disturbed scientists for so many years. With the advancement of technology and experimentation we came to know the existence of particles named quarks which combine on some ratio to form electrons, protons, neutrons and finally atom.

But the solidity of the particles remained a question mark for so many years for the scientists. 

But what the beautiful thing about time is, it changes.

The great scientist Huygen came with a theory that all matter that exist in this world have dual nature i.e. Solid and Wave nature.

In simple words he wanted to say that everything we see around us is solid but at the very same time it is wave too. What??? Are you serious buddy? 

The answer is ‘Yes’. With the experiments we came to know that when electron particles are zoomed infinitely to the quantum level, we came across a world which is entirely different from the world in which we are living. It was found that electrons are nothing but at the very basic level a packet of energy. Which means everything we see around us is nothing but energy or simply a wave.

This experiment caused a huge blow to the study of science which was completely based on the particle nature of atom. And who would have thought that everything at the zoomed in state is nothing but energy.

But the main part was a great experiment called “Quantum Entanglement” which failed the famous ‘Theory of Relativity’ of sir Albert Einstein. In this experiment two quantum particles were kept in close contact with each other in a lab for some time. The two particles made an entangled relationship between them and the mystery about it was when the particles were separated by a distance of thousand of miles where there was no possible way of the particles to interact each other. The particles were observed in the laboratory at the two different locations thousands mile away.

It was observed that when one particle was made to move in clockwise direction, it affected the motion of the other particle many miles away and out of nowhere the second particle started moving in anticlockwise direction and vice versa. This led the scientists to made a conclusion that if two particles are made in contact once, they form an entangled relationship after which the distance doesn’t matters, what matters is that the particles share a unique bond between them after they have made in contact once even if they are infinitely far from each other. Both the particles at the very basic (quantum level) affects each other in some way.

And what we are? A zoomed out state of this tiny world. The same principles apply in our day to day life.

Now we realise that what our ancestors said that ‘Stay Positive and focus on your aim, then whole universe will automatically act according to you’. Yes, that is the power of thoughts, the visualisation of success after achieving the target set in our mind makes the unbreakable relationship with the success and no one could stop us from it if we have that sense of strong will power.

Yes I am talking about that ‘tarang’ (waves) as told by our Gurus. What we think about others affects them directly or indirectly which can be understood today with the help of science.

That was all about how pure and at deep level our bond is with our mother, far away in any country she gets the ‘tarang’ (wave) of whether her child is well or not, what we say it as an intuition.

That’s the power of thoughts. Truly said by our ancestors:

Letter meditate karma inner self suicidal‘Be The Change You Want To See In The World’ 

,however spiritually or scientifically but it makes sense.

~Hargun Singh