Shat Koti Namans To Thy Divine Lotus Feet Beloved Swamiji on The Auspicious occasion of Your Birthday.

Happy Birthday, Beloved Swamiji!

The Rainmaker Miracles And Healing Stories Of Om Swamiji is a book written with the ink of Love and Devotion by Sadhvi Vrinda Ji  Swami Vedananda Ji and Others. This book is powered by the fire of unconditional and the purest of Love of a Father towards his children. Unputdownable and poetic, this book is dedicated to The Divine Mother, Swamiji’s constant companion.

The book begins with a glimpse of the serenity of The Ashram life.  During the pandemic times of 2020nwhen the world was crumbling due to the attack of a tiny virus, nothing changed at The Divine abode of Sri Hari, at The Sri Badrikashram. Sadhviji through her poetic pen gives us a glimpse of the sun cracking through the clouds, the smell of wildflowers, and the scent of wet earth. This is The Divine place on which The Mother Goddess walks. Here lives our Compassionate Divine Master Om Swamiji. My Pranmas to Sadhviji and Swami Vedanandaji and others for writing this magical book. Swamiji never speaks about himself.  In Swamiji’s own words ‘’ I don’t tell, I just do’’!

Like Babloo who came from Mandal of Uttarakhand, we all have stories and miracles bestowed upon us by  Maharaj Ji in our lives too.

Babloo narrated the story of his life-changing meeting with Swamiji in the year 2010. This young man all of 24 years at that time seems to be handpicked by The Divine Grace to be protected under The Grace of Swamiji. His entire family came under the protection of Swamiji’s umbrella then onwards. Babloo recounts how he met Maharaj Ji at The Anasuya Temple. Swamiji was on His way to finding a solitary cave for pursuing Sadhana in the forests of Uttarakhand. He stayed a few days at The Dharamshala of Anasuya Temple before leaving for Sadhana at The Dogra huts in the deep forest. During this time Swamiji bestowed Babloo and his family with manyfold Blessings. He brought forth the Blessing of rain to the trobled worksite of Babloo. Babloo’s story is full of magical stories of Swamiji during that time. He also recounted the spine-chilling story of a tantric liberated by Swamiji’s Compassion on His way back to Atri Muni’s cave after the completion of Sadhana in the Dongra huts.

‘’ Lai, babeyan ne phook maarti. Ki yaad karengi’’

(See, the Sadhu has blown on it. You will remember this one day )  These sweet words of Swamiji are taken from Pooja Sharma’s narration of how Swamiji healed her son Adi from a terrible eye sty just by blowing in his eyes,  in the chapter ‘’Lifeline’’. Pooja Sharma is the wife of Swamiji’s elder brother Rajan Sharma.

In this chapter, she recounts many heartwarming stories and miracles that happened in her life by The Divine Grace of Swamiji. In this chapter, we can also get a glimpse of Swamiji’s impeccable lifestyle even before He became a Monk.

Another story that has shaken my conscience with patriotism and devotion is ‘’ Healing ‘’ by Vanika Bansal. Vanika I take this opportunity to salute all the Bravehearts who guard our nation even at the cost of their own lives. Vanika’s story took me to the spellbinding beauty of Kashmir only later to witness a soul-crushing episode of the young child of eight losing her hero, her father to a cowardly act by terrorists.  As a reader and devotee, I am feeling peaceful and happy hearing about the healing of Vanika’s trauma by The Divine Grace of Swamiji and her present peaceful life.

This book is a must-read and a Blessing! There are many more gripping and heartwarming stories by Zack Bazarnick, Swami Vidyananda Ji, Archana Jain,  Swami Vedananda Ji, Irene Fabi, and  Sadhvi Ji Vrinda Om. The most precious gem of this collection is the exclusive interview with Swamiji. You can read it in the chapter ‘’ An exclusive with Om Swami’’.

Many times holding this book ‘The Rainmaker’ in my hands I get the vision of The Divine Master Om Swamiji in my mind and I would sit there in long spells of meditative silence. The numerous times He Blessed me with Physical Darshan, Ashram visit at the time of Sri Hari Bhagavan’s consecration ceremony. Even in 2019, I had the Blessing of attending the Kundalini Retreat held at Pune. I have no words to express the beautiful transformation He brought into my life, healing me from terrible physical and emotional wounds.  Like Babloo ‘s wish, I too have this deep desire to write a book about Swamiji. This is my humble attempt to write a review on this great literary work of Bhakti and healing by Sadhvi Vrinda Ji, Swami Vedanand Ji, and others. I seek Thy forgiveness for any mistakes done in attempting to write this review.


With The Blessing of Swamiji and Sri Hari Bhagavan Ji, this is my 50th blog in os. me. As a token of my happiness, I am distributing five copies of the book ‘’ The Rainmaker Miracles and Healing Stories Of  Om Swami ‘’ to my fellow readers here. Please raise your hands in the comments section and send me a mail.


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