Absorbed in my chanting, I felt someone’s head over my lap. When I opened my eyes, I saw it was none other than Him.  He looked very tired and exhausted. I kept aside my beads and asked Him,” What did You do today that made You so tired and exhausted ?”

He replied with His eyes closed but His face turned upwards towards me,” As I reside in the hearts of every living being, they are constantly praying to Me to get their desires fulfilled. As a result, their hearts do not rest and I have to run here and there with them in the form of competence and willpower to fulfill their desires and can’t have a proper rest. But within you, I can take proper rest because your heart is at rest as you don’t have any desire from me. Instead, you find out ways to serve me.”

As He finished, I kissed His forehead and said,” Because that is the only thing that gives me pleasure. Rest assured, no matter how much You have to run here and there for others, I will always be a resting place for You and will always try to build more such places with Your Divine Grace.”

He replied with a smile,” You already have started making.”

I had nothing more to say as the tears from my cheeks had already conveyed the message to Him.

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