I wrote this poem a few years back inspired by a memory of my childhood when the kids collected babul tree seeds that kept lying there on the ground. I felt like sharing it with you here now. 

Life is unimaginably grand. It goes on forever in manifest or unmanifest ways. It is said that everything is impermanent b’coz one lacks the eye which can pierce through the most persistent illusion we call death and discover the eternity or more suitably called the life. The poem ‘The Seed’ speaks of how life takes up its manifest form from the latent one. It celebrates the fact of  ‘Life’ and rejects the myth of ‘Death’…🙏

The Seed

He abides eternally 
Into a figure of naught.
In the cozy warmth 
Of the Earth’s womb.
He lies 
In celestial meditation
Stark dead 
For an unripe eye
But a grain of life
Into his nestled ribs
And he waits 
Until it rains 
And raises his head
Above the grey soil.
Tiny brittle lips 
Shiver in a new air
Take a prodigious gulp 
Of consecrated life
And babble gentle rhymes
To a seamless sky 
For turning
His timeless slumber
Into finite inception.