From dawn to dusk,everyday comes the boy with his sheep

across the river,near the snowy mountain,

Lies down he on a big stone

which is his throne.

His eyes searches for someone,silently he waits,

waits for some one till dark for the stranger to arrive…

And then goes back,

jumping,hopping and singing his ancestral rhyme.

Then one day came a man,

sparkling eyes ,skinny yet dazzling face.

They made friendship.

Together they sang,together they laughed;

together they gazed at the shining stars

whispering,giggling into each other ears

Together they heard the eternal music

drank nectar from the mountain dew

Together they danced with the wild flowers.

Until one day…came a huge storm

wearing the masks of wood cutters.

Provoked by their malicious word the boy was ready to give the woods and wild flowers

even the entire forest for some far fetched lofty ambition..

Jumping ,hopping and singing his ancestral rhyme

he came to his friend.  Where is he?the mountain standing alone.

Only echoed a voice….Ah…it is his friend ..

You sold your soul friend..told the friend.

I am bidding farewell now

Let me drink the nectar alone;

Let me gaze at the stars alone and let me love you

with a lonely heart..

For I always want us to be One;

For I love Thee for Thyself;

Cried the shepherd boy……

Come back Jesus..Oh..I cant not loose your friendship

My heart cries for Your presence;

No more weird and crook ambition…come back to me

jumping ,hopping and singing…we will both drink the nectar.

Come Back.