The Small Pleasures Of Life By Philippe Delerm is an absolute gem from my  Kindle Collection of French books. A collection of thirty-four short essays which are light and poetic.

  The very thought of this book makes me write the second blog of the day on this quiet and humid evening. It is a book I fell in love with instantly. My wildest dream is to write a book like this. Just kidding!

Some snippets:

Helping shell peas:

‘’Shelling peas isn’t a time to explain things, it is a time to go with the flow, in a detached sort of way. You are looking at five minutes worth of work, but the pleasure lies in rolling up your sleeves and making the moment last, slowing down the morning pod by pod. You plunge your hand into the contents of the salad bowl and let the peas trickle through your fingers.’’

Loved the zen kind of flow in these words.

From the chapter The smell of apples.

‘’The moment you go down into the cellar, it hits you. So many apples, neatly stacked on upturned crates. So many memories.Not that this sudden nostalgia was part of the plan. But what can you do? The smell is overwhelming. How could you have strayed so far from the bittersweet taste of childhood? ‘’

Another enticing chapter A croissant in the street tells us about the simple act of waking up early and going to the bakery with hands in your pocket and childlike enthusiasm.

Some other beautiful chapters are  The Blueberry Picking , The motorway at night,Reading on the beach , A newspaper for breakfast, Cycle or Bicycle , etc. The beauty is the chapters are only two to three pages long like small surprises. This is one book  you will love to read sitting by the riverside, beach or garden. 🙂 

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