Hi to the one reading this . It’s the first post I’m writing  in 2022 . Happy New year to all reading this .I’m sharing this from my perspective, this is about an incident that I experienced recently .

   It was  a fine night , I was ready to sleep peacefully in the quilt feeling the warmth in a cold  night ( it’s cold in Delhi ….if you know , you know)  . It was around 11:30 pm .

I  almost drifted into my dreamland , eyes were heavy  but just then , at the exact moment , I heard some strange -loud- heavy voice from the  alley behind my house which was strangely quiet at the moment  . It felt like someone was screaming(same as the one in horror movies and yes that’s true)  . Just like that, I was left restless with eyes wide open and scared to the point I can’t gather up  courage to get out of my bed and try to look what was happening  .

I tried my best to forget what happened some moments ago but nothing worked . It was scaring me inside out .I tried to get that moment  out of my head but it was replaying continuously in my head . I tried to sleep by shifting to the other side , but I was just restless . I asked my younger brother , who was lying on the other bed on the opposite side of the room . I  heard him breathing heavily . I knew he was scared . I asked him to   lay down beside me .  My bua knew I can’t sleep the whole night like that so she said don’t be scared Bhagwaan Ji and Swami Ji  is looking after us , nothing will happen . 

I asked bua to play a bhajan and she played a Hari bhajan . When I started to recite it along I felt my heart at ease. I started to feel like a baby whose mother is singing a lullaby to put them to sleep . I started  drifting into sleep again . 
I’m grateful for being  under his grace .

And I can’t be less thankful to bua who always reminded me that Swami Ji and Bhagwaan Ji is  looking after me. .

Thank you For reading 
With Smiles,
Jai Sri Hari ✨🙏