Where did I come from

and where will I go?

What am I supposed to be

between the time I come and I go?


Is this the only question,

of which answer I must know?

Or have I been sent here,

to gather all my questions before I finally go?


What am I made of, may I know..

of my dream?

or fruits of the seeds that I sow?

Should I be creating a place of mine to stay here,

When anyways, all of it, someday I will let go?


What am I to believe more?

The pleasures that he gave me

or the pain he pore.

Is this the only way of this world

or is there something more in store?


Why did I even begin in a way,

that I lost contact with my own source?

Can I do anything in this interim,

as I stay away from my source?


— Shivani Om !