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Scene 2 (Second Part)

Want: Don’t listen to that cranky old man. Drink your water.

Keonnie: Who are you?

Need: Don’t listen to him Keonnie.  

Keonnie: It is for sure that I am losing my mind. Everything speaks in this house!

Want: Keonnie my child, my name is Want. Listen to me, look at that bottle of chilled water. Imagine how fresh it must feel, with an extraordinary taste. As dry and parched your throat must be right now, take this bottle and gulp everything down. 

Need: Don’t listen to him Keonnie. My name is Need. You are thirsty, so take the water that is on the table. Drink only from there. Your thirst will quench and you shall recover quickly.

Want: Your thirst will disappear, but still think about the exquisite taste of this chilled water… ummm .. I have water in my mouth thinking about this water. Hahaha!

Need: Fridge cold water will make you even more sick. As soon as the chilled water enters your lungs, you will cough more and more. Your fever will rise and you will be afflicted by terrible headaches. Finally you will have excruciating pain throughout your entire body and you might be admitted for some days in a hospital, away from your house, away from your parents. Would you like that?

Keonnie: But what should I do? I have such an urge to drink chilled water. On the other hand, the fever scares me. I think room temperature water will do just fine for me, but then again, I can’t decide anymore.. (looking at the class), my friends, what advice do you have?


Photo Credits: Pixabay 

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