In last post devi Parvathi went to lord Vishnu and asked who that women was and where was she. Lord Vishnu told that the woman was too close to devi Parvathi. Devi Parvathi thought it was devi Lakshmi but devi Lakshmi told it was not true. Let’s see what happens next,,

The story of mahakali 2

Then lord Vishnu told that it was time for him to go to yoga nidra.Devi Lakshmi told that she would also come with devi Parvathi to search that women. While they were going, they saw some asuras (demons) comming towards them. With devi Parvathi there was Devi Lakshmi, devi saraswati and other goddesses. The asuras were about to touch devi Lakshmi to capture her but devi Parvathi got angry and she herself turned into Mahakali. She slayed all the demons. Shumbha and nishumbha sent chanda munda. She slayed them also. Everybody got scared seeing her. Then shumbha nishumbha sent rakthabija, who had a special boon that if one drop of his blood falls on the earth 100’s of rakthabija would emerge.

The story of mahakali 3

Mahakali went on slaying rakthabija but more and more were coming as blood was falling. So Mahakali started drinking his blood before it fell on the earth. At last she could slay rakthabija. But Mahakali could not control her anger and started slaying all the asuras including devas. Everybody tried to pacify her anger. But nobody could. Then lord Vishnu tried to pacify her anger but he could not. At last everyone requested mahadev to pacify Mahakali’s anger. So mahadev lied down like a shava(dead body), Mahakali came and kept her feet on mahadev’s chest. Then slowly she was calm and turned back into devi Parvathi. Later devi Parvathi regretted on what she had done.

The story of mahakali 4

She told mahadev to promise  that he would not lay down in front of her like a shava. Mahadev told that without her he was a shava, but he agreed. At last devi Parvathi was successful in killing shumbha and nishumbha in the form of kalaratri. Mahadev told Mahakali to make her anger as her power but not her weakness. Mahakali was successful in controlling her anger.

The story of mahakali 5

Har har mahadev!!!

Jai sri hari!!!