Hello everyone. Welcome back. In the last post sati could not hear the insult of mahadev and she jumped into the fire by telling mahadev that she will born again and marry him. Let’s see what happens next.

Mahadev was in his intense sadhana. When he got to know the whole thing that had happened,he got up from his sadhana. Enraged mahadev removed two strands from his hair(jata). From one strand emerged virabhadra and from another strand emerged bhadhrakali. Mahadev ordered them to destroy the yajna and kill daksha.

Bhadhrakali and virabhadra went to the place of the yajna. When daksha got to know this he sent many soldiers to fight against them. But all the soldiers died. Then he told lord Vishnu to protect the yajna because daksha had invited lord Vishnu to protect the yajna. Lord Vishnu fights with virabhadra and captures him but bhadrakali releases virabhadra and told him to go and kill daksha.

Virabhadra went to the place where daksha was. He took his sharp sword and cut daksha’s head. Everybody were quite. Suddenly Veerabhadra and bhadrakali disappeared and mahadev entered the place of yajna slowly. He went near satis body which was still burning and started crying loudly. Then daksha’s wife requested mahadev to bring back daksha to life. Mahadev put a goat’s neck over his body and brought him back to life. He apologized for his mistakes. Later mahadev lifted sati’s body and took out of the place of yajna. 

He started walking with her body. Sometimes he put her body on his left shoulder and sometimes on him right shoulder. He talked to her and danced. Lord Vishnu tried to tell that she was dead but mahadev did not accept. Then bhadrakali told lord Vishnu to leave sudarshana chakra on sati’s body. Lord Vishnu did the same and sati’s body was split into 51 parts. Heartbroken mahadev cursed lord Vishnu in anger. Later when he accepted sati’s death he regretted over it. The 51 parts of sati’s body fell on the earth at 51 different places. Mahadev constructed shakthipeethas in these places. Later sati was born in the form of devi Parvathi, daughter of himavan and menavathi and married mahadev.

So this was the story of mahadev and sati. Hope you all liked it. In my next post I will write the story of navdurga. Until then stay safe stay healthy.

Har har mahadev!!!