I will be honest with you. There is nothing of my own (words), which I am sharing here.

It is only through Divine inspiration that I bring these words to you; some from the book ‘The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna’ and the rest are words transcribed from SwamiJi’s online discourse on 04th April, 2021, which was yesterday.

Few days back, just like that, I had chanced upon this book on my home bookshelf. Procuring this book, which was always there on my reading wishlist, had been long pending. I was amazed (yet not surprised) and smiled at how it was always available, so close, unnoticed and just how timely I had found it.  

So, last afternoon, I was reading from this book. It was about a Saturday afternoon on August 05, 1882, when Sri Ramakrishna, the benevolent Master, accompanied with three of his devotees had gone to meet Pundit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar, the great scholar, educator and philanthropist. It was their first meeting. A good crowd had gathered around.

Now, below are extracts from the book:

With these words the Master sang again:

How are you trying, O my mind, to know the

nature of God?

You are groping like a madman locked in

a dark room.

He is grasped through ecstatic love; how can

you fathom Him without it?

Only through affirmation, never negation, can

you know Him;

Neither through Veda nor through Tantra nor

the six darshanas.   

It is in love’s elixir only that He delights,

O mind;

He dwells in the body’s inmost depths, in

everlasting joy.

And, for that love, the mighty yogis practice yoga

from age to age;

When love awakes, the Lord, like a magnet,

draws to Him the soul.

He it is, says Ramprasad, that I approach

as Mother;

But shall I give away the secret here in the

market – place?

From these hints I have given, O mind, guess

what that Being is.   

Reading from these words was just so fulfilling that at that point in time, I did not want to read any further and just absorb into the nectar like divine sweetness of these words lingering in my mind.  

Then afterwards, in the discourse last evening, SwamiJi said something so captivating about His state of Happiness. Below are words transcribed from His discourse (04th April 2021)    

I am gonna tell you something and I know you will believe it because most of you believe me and you also know I speak the truth. I am so incredibly happy, in my life. I am so utterly content that I wish, rather than what I know…..millions of people know millions of things which are even better than what I know….that rather than my wisdom or knowledge, you could taste my happiness. You could taste my contentment. What an incredible feeling it is. I am so happy internally that I have absolutely no complaints from this life, or from anybody. I am so fulfilled within me that there is nothing that I seek in the world anymore, whatever that may be – to build, to be, to have, to be known, nothing at all. And this state of mind is purely His Grace. You all must feel the same at certain point in time.

This morning, when I opened the Gospel and reread the words of the song shared above, it all started to tune in, so perfectly with SwamiJi’s words, they all kind of created a sweet melody together. And also came along with it, this inspiration to share it with you all, which is my very first post. I knew not I will write this, I know not I will ever write more.

I can’t help but repeat these words again, from the song:

He is grasped through ecstatic love; how can you fathom Him without it?

It is in love’s elixir only that He delights, O mind;

When He has wished for us that we taste from the Ocean of His Happiness, do we really have any reason left to grieve over anything, at all?

P.S. My deep Gratitude to each one of you, for sharing your love by reading this.

Dipali 🙂