You all might have read the story The thirsty crow in your childhood because it is a very common and straightforward story but there is a deep meaning hidden inside it that everyone should understand. I also read this story in my childhood which is why I want to share this with my family. This story is written by Aesop— a well-known storyteller. 

A long time ago, during destructive dry weather, there was a thirsty crow who was desperate for a drink of water. The poor crow flew and flew in search of water to satisfy his thirst.

From one place to another he flew until, at long last, when he could fly no further, he came upon a large jar of water. Overjoyed, the thirsty crow put its beak inside the jar to drink his fill. But, unluckily, the jar had a narrow neck! 

Try as he might, the despairing crow couldn’t get his beak far enough inside. To his disappointment, he realized the water was out of his reach. The thirsty crow cried out and flapped his wings in pain, attempting to knock the jar over. But it was of no use. It was too heavy for his dehydrated body to move.

The crow was on the end of exhaustion and ready to fly somewhere else. But then an idea came to him. Around the base of the jar, there are some small round pebbles. Picking them up, the thirsty crow dropped them one by one into the jar.

And with every extra pebble, the water level began to rise in the jar… his idea worked. Eventually, after so much struggle, the water rose so high inside the jar that the clever crow could drink water and sate his thirst for good.

Moral of the story: 

Where there’s a will, there’s a way which means if that someone really wants to do something, they will find a way to do it, no matter how many things are there to make it hard to do. 

Another moral of this story is: 

Never give up or,

“If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try and try until you succeed.”