Happy to share the memorable incident I encountered yesterday in the buzzing market street of Bangalore.

After many months I ventured in to my favourite locality, which is famous for shopping. The place is colourful & full of life. I was walking on this street observing many trendy dresses, fashion accessories, purses, toys & many more. It was a treat to my eyes to see many different things in one lane. I was enjoying the moment by mindfully listening, observing the interactions between buyer & the street vendors, the way they bargain etc.

Suddenly I happened to see a tea vendor, holding a flask. serving tea to the young lady sitting in front of plastic toys, & some books. My curious eyes wanted to see why he is making sure that she is holding the hot cup properly. Once he left, I went near her to realise that, footpath vendor is a blind lady, by the name Urza. (pseudo name)
My introspective mind wanted to know more & hence I got into a conversation with her.
Me : How  do you manage your sales job with your eyesight challenges?
Urza :  I can touch & feel the toys & tell the price
Me : Oh great, how much do you earn, is it sufficient for your livelihood??
Urza : Somehow, I get sufficient business to manage my day-to-day life.
The confidence in her voice was evident. In addition, her faith in the Almighty was very strong, saying “the God takes care of me, having given me this condition”
Me : Have you gone to school?
Urza : Yes…. Studied up to 10th std.
Me : Are you interested in working in some office, in case you get an opportunity?
I was touched by her confidence, faith & clarity in trying to match up with her own expectations of life & knowing her limits. I noticed a greater levels of attitude of gratitude and acceptance. I wanted to buy some toys, so that she will earn for the day, but it was not useful for me as my children are grown up.

I went to a nearby shop & got some snacks for her. She was so happy, enquired my name and thanked me too

I was about to leave, by that time one kid was dragging her mother showing the toys what Urza was selling. The girl’s mother came to Urza, started selecting & enquiring the prices, etc.. Urza asked them to give the selected toy in her hand, so that she can touch, feel & tell the price. They came to know that she is blind. I was watching all the interactions. Slowly the mother took two toys, kept in the bag & started moving. Urza was unaware of this cheating. Suddenly I stopped that lady & told her that, “Being an educated person you should not cheat, that too after noticing that she is blind. It is like taking advantage of the situation.” She felt guilty, said sorry and immediately paid the money to Urza. I
did not feel like sharing this incident to Urza. I was hesitant because I felt that, letting her know of the reality, would not only hurt her but shake up her strong faith in customers itself. I was delighted with the feeling of satisfaction of helping a genuine person and felt blessed to have been of some help to someone needy today.
Felt immensely happy, for having spent a day with some purpose, the feeling of which words can’t justify in totality.