This will be a series of posts, exploring the meaning of ‘this’ relationship (and possibly others as well 😄) and how it manifests in different spheres of life, what to make out of the experiences that we have in a married life, and how to steer the relationship for our growth, joy, and ultimate freedom.

This series of posts will be organised in 6 parts –

1. Marriages and society – mainly dealing with expectations of parents, relatives and peers. The conditioning that we go through out our life about marriage / relationships, and the truth of that conditioning. We shall also go through our own idea of marriages, how do we think a relationship could complete us in our life. The reality of those ideas and how to go about achieving them.

2. Marriage / relationships and our desires – desire to have carnal and sensual pleasures, desire to give/offer ourselves to someone emotionally, desire to speak your heart out to someone without being judged and be heard, desire to be with someone, desire to have a friend for all times and situation, desire to share good moments with someone, desire to have a constant guide, etc etc.

3. Marriage and Love – can both be same, if yes – how? and if not, can they co-exist? What’s Love? Marriages are lost-love or love-lost? We shall discuss here the concept of commitment and freedom as well – which one comes first and which comes later? Can love contain marriage or can marriage subsume love? What’s the goal of marriage?

4. Marriage, Suffering and Healing – How to deal with the sufferings that come along marriage, how to be consistent in our principles (idea of marriage) and if that changes along the way – how to accept it and let other person know about it. Are marriages for forever, or they become pointless after a time? How to consistently develop and grow idea of care and wellbeing for the other person. How can we make the other person a tool of our own growth and freedom.

5. Marriage and Astrology – How to identify what do we need from marriage (if we don’t know it yet consciously), where does the marriage lead me to, should we marry (as we do today in society – committed for life), ideal age of marriage, should we consult charts before marriage, concept of Nadi dosh and manglik dosh, concept of Runanubandha, etc sun and moon in marriage, ā¤…ā¤ˇāĨā¤Ÿā¤•āĨ‚ā¤Ÿ ā¤Žā¤ŋā¤˛ā¤žā¤¨, the no. 16 it’s relation with mind etc. Moons conjunction with different planets and effects on your mental states (and marriage), how a man and woman is made differently in their biology, psychology, and energy structure. What do we share with each other when we marry?

6. Marriage and Life’s Energy – in what way can the relationships impact our life energies. How a relationship is different from a marriage? Is it really different? Marriage and kundalini (our polar opposite), future of marriages, the idea of life. Concept of yin and yang. The need of opposites to realise true self. Proclivity towards opposites; what attracts us and does it complete us, or makes us suffer, or gives us learning etc. Concept of Rahu and Ketu (likes and dislikes). Realisation through external world and internal world etc. Tips to have successful married life.

If I have missed anything, that you would like me to touch / elaborate, please mention in comments – I would try to incorporate it based on my knowledge. Today I just wrote the topics on which I would like to challenge myself, to write about. Hopefully I would succeed.

PS: These posts will not be an exposition of what I know, but more of a discussion on one of the most important subjects of one’s life’s journey. The objective would be to stimulate our thought process and share experiences through which we can learn collectively (if possible). So the idea is to reach at the truth together â˜ēī¸ not expound it.

PS2: No, I’m not married, neither I have been in a relationship ever (which involves 2 individuals 😂, though there were many one sided affairs). That might surprise you and bring questions in your mind about my capacity to write about this topic, but don’t discount me yet đŸ˜Ŧ, we will discover as we go along. Even if we do not agree, we will happily agree to disagree after trying to learn and reconcile our learnings and experiences.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏đŸģ😊

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