India has the highest level of air pollution in the whole world. Scientists say that 48 or 50 Crore people who live in the Indo- Gangetic plains in North India lives in the most polluted region in the whole world. Due to this air pollution, the people living in this region are on track to loose 9 years out of their life’s expectancy. This situation is going to deteriorate further in the future. The air pollution is expected to grow exponentially in our country in the coming decades. Because of the rising air pollution, the whole population of our country will be prone to serious, fatal and lethal diseases of heart, lungs and other respiratory diseases also. To go out without a proper face mask( specifically build for particulate matter 2.5 and particulate matter 10 protection) will be dangerous in the future because of the high levels of air pollution. Along with all these scenarios, life expectancy of our nation’s population will decrease by 10 years at least because of high air pollution caused by climate change. 

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