The person drops his self from the bus. And, all it can see is the environment, people, plants, everything. But, not himself. It moves its eyes from one direction to the others. And it can see, a bunch of eyes moving along with it. Trying to hide or getting released from the custody of the spectrum of humans around it. Don’t know what they find in the eyes of the person.

A place to escape or meet them self. Not the body but the soul they tend to forget. A blank space, where they can’t fill it by their own self. They find similarity in the eyes of the person. The way it looks without efforts and looks like they are being stoned forever. Hard to resist but somehow the truth of living their forever. The dynamic of movement is calculated. The alloy of the framework is met by the hindering elements. The disturbance is being called upon. The storm is being claimed and peace resides for a while. It for the while till the retina of the eyes does not speculate the happening of the other person.

Trying to connect with the void in them. When the void looks back at them. They shiver, the knees get weak but we guess the arms remains strong. But what is the use of them when you are not able to move to the thirst. How insignificant about your existence that can’t even have the patience to look at the hermit of delusion. Wash away the dignity and respect of which is temporary and the memo of fact is that we certainly try to claim it. Which just have always been in the surface, but somehow the person shows you how shallow you are or deep to proclaim the danger of eternity.

Getting fiddled with soft wires of washing way. Defragmenting the hole of life, as the person makes you realize of the approximate for life. And how desperately you want to connect to the void. A void of freedom. But, too afraid of the fact of getting vanished and rising into a camouflage. The person walks forward and you try to demolish yourself in the fading moment. How can you not have the damn courage to look back and get it entitled?

The void drifts away to other zone where it is being glanced and beamed with arrow of projection of something. None wants to understand; just the space of having it makes them blathered.