बाबा! When krishna samvaad
Sometime ago I had read an article , 40 day coffee and Tea detox written by Prahalad Rajkumar. I had  been promising myself that I too shall give up sweets for 40 days. The incredulous looks of the family said it all. Instead of support,  I got – “ get real mom, it’s easier to reach the moon than you giving up sweets even for 21 days”. Okay, now that was hitting below the belt. But then the family who knows you in and out,  know what they are talking about.
In Jainism they have a 10 day fasting period in the rainy season- the dates keep changing. Many survive only on water others eat once a day . But most of them do try to do whatever type of fasting they can. My  Jain neighbor of 20 years used to do “Ekashna”- eating once a day . 4 ladies used to get together for lunch every day. The catch was that once they sat down to eat ,they can’t get up to take anything because once they get up,  then they can’t eat for the next 24 hours. How much ever you plan, you do end up forgetting something. So they requested me to be the handyman who would help them. I agreed cheerfully as it was sewa after all. They are supposed to finish the meal-tea etc etc in 50 minutes. After that they have to get up. No procrastination. After they finished they did “ Haath jhorna”- meaning they have promised God , come what may they will not even drink water till 24 hours later. Now that was solid binding.
On the last day one lady nearly 80 years old ( fasting every day) asked to join them, as she felt I too would get the punaya of the fasting as I was well versed in their rituals. She gave me the permission of drinking water till lunch time next day. Thinking it would be easy I quickly agreed and they made me do Haath jhorna after I finished my meal. I am a light eater ( though the scales disagree:)) So now I had promised God that I won’t eat anything for the next 24 hours. From childhood I have never done fasting- we were taught to do everything in moderation- whether we liked or not. Whether you are eating Ghia  or ice cream – one katori only.
By evening I started having a headache- no tea – was feeling dizzy by 8 in the evening and ready to die by 11. I even pretended that I was about to faint in the hope that someone would force me to eat. No luck . One family member did suggest that I eat ,also mentioning that God would be knowing whether I am really feeling faint or playing the fool. Of course you always have one relative who points out -“ it’s all in the mind . Control your mind,you won’t feel hungry” 😤😤.

I spent the whole night  drinking water , watching the clock ( it’s really slow when you are watching it) and promising myself all the things I would eat at lunch next day. “You got up early today,” mentioned my husband. I told him not having eaten last night made me feel fresh ,light and energetic. 😇😇. I welcomed 12 o’clock in the afternoon with open arms. But surprisingly I could hardly eat. I just had a cup of tea. And I was done. I couldn’t eat. Lesson learnt – fasting is not in my genes.

Seeing the past record I can’t blame my son for having little faith in me. To be honest I managed to go with out sugar for 3 days and then slipped- I want my cup of tea in the morning with slight sugar. Is it in the mind, I really don’t know but am gearing up for the next trial of 11 days without sugar. If I can make it, then maybe 21 days.

Trying to be positive- thinking of all the health benefits.Still haven’t convinced my mind. And of course I always my dear friend asking me every day- “ have you stopped taking sugar?”