In continuation of my previous post – The journey begins .

So I was doing well as compared to others in my family condition .I got a little financial support from my grandfather, my mother now consoled herself that she has to abide with my decision,u quarrels between my parents were as usual for which I was accustomed to but my mother,s attitude towards my study has changed . she was doing her best to prepare my breakfast timely, my father was playing a neutral role regarding my education. Mother arranged to take some sewing & stitching work from her female friends and started some business from home thus adding to the family income.

After quarterly exams of class 9th I was awarded half fee concession on the basis of my results and after final exam of 9th class I was awarded full fee concession, even compulsory fee of rupee 1.0 was also free for me. My school was a new one .It was started 7 years earlier and science stream was started a year before my admission, It’s first science batch was facing class 10th U.P. board exam. In July1962 when we were in class 10, we found that 23 students of 10th class of 1st batch failed totally .Not even one person passed in 3rd division .It was disastrous .Seeing this result we were badly depressed. There was only one teacher of science in the school to teach math, science and biology for class 9th and 10th. Management was unable to arrange another teacher. We studied with this teacher who worked very hard he was very friendly with students. I was in good books of our Principal R.P.N.Shahi ji. According to my science teacher and Principal I was the best student of class and they had great hopes that I will get first division with high marks and they also expected that I will certainly achieve national merit scholarship, I was very keen to get this scholarship because my elder cousin, Mr.Manohar Verma received it in year 1961 and was studying at Gorakhpur in class12. He was doing well.

Our centre of board exam. was in Sahjanwa ,10 km. away from my village. It was not possible for me to travel 10 km. from village to appear in exams daily, so I decided to take a room in nearby locality in Sahjanwa. I and two other students of my school took one room 1.5 km. away from the exam centre. In village, a 16 yr old boy is thought to be a matured man who can do all things at his own but my mother was worried as to how I will cook and live alone without parents. I assured her not to worry as there were two more friends of my class and we three will do our job of cooking, cleaning utensils etc. together. The examination started as per schedule and everything was going alright. My papers were going excellent. Mean time in mid exam there was Holi festival and 4 days gap was for next paper of technical drawing paper 2. I saw the exam schedule and noted that this paper was in afternoon session after gap period .Since other two partners were from Art stream, they had not taken this subject. So, a big mishappening occurred with me in mid of exam. I started from home at about 9am. and reached to rented room at about 11a.m. and in afternoon I went to exam centre where one of my classmate informed me that exam was in morning session and not in afternoon one .He told that we searched you everywhere in market and at your room but it was informed by house owner that you have not returned so far.A big mishappening had occurred with me already .I was stunned to hear those words, unbelieving but he was from science stream of my school and it was true .I had missed the technical drawing paper 2 exam because of my own mistake . I saw the schedule in haste and didn,t care to take down the whole schedule home .But what has happened had happened . I felt so weak and depressed that I would have fallen on ground but for my friend who caught hold of me and hugged me tightly.
I remained there for more than two hours, and repented for a big loss. This incident was going to spoil my coming papers
of science and math. I thought that I should forget this mishappening and concentrate on coming papers, perhaps it happened due to my ill fate or God has given some punishment on account of my deeds of past. So,I continued my remaining exam. After all papers were over, I came back to village.Till then everybody knew that I did not appear in one paper. My father also heard this news but did not came to see me in such situation. My father told me that it happened due to your carelessness and you have ruined your carrier. I silently listened everyone. Those two and a half months were full of tension for me.

Meantime ,one day our principal sent his peon to me and called me at his residence, he asked me about my performance in tech drawing paper 1 and evaluated my total marks. He told me not to be hopeless,” you will pass in 1st division, be sure” .When the result came ,it was proved .His evaluation came true, I passed in first division with distinctions in Math, Science & English.i was overjoyed . I fully enjoyed that day . I have never been so happy in life. My nightmare was gone