After that mesmerizing first visit to Ashram,  our lives & beings were filled with memories of Sri Hari..  Swamiji.. and Ashram. On most days & most of the time, four of us would be lost in memories of Swamiji.

Once we were sitting in our garden,Hemanya swinging on the swing,lost in her own world of thoughts and all of a sudden she went running inside to get a notebook and  started scribbling some words…..all about glories of Swamiji. We were stunned to read what came through her!We as parents, never realized that our daughter had such gift with words!

And that was the beginning of Hemanya’s journey as a writer.She started her journey with the first ever writings about one & only our Beloved Swamiji ❤

Devotion in her pious heart & our fervent prayers reached Bhagwan & Swamiji called us soon and end of October2017, we were on our way to Divine abode 😊😊

  When we reached Ashram, we realized how much we had missed being there for last 6 months and an inexplicable joy swept our hearts. When we had darshan of Sri Hari Bhagwan,a playful smile played upon His lips,we stood wordlessly before him, overwhelmed,a smile lighting our faces,hearts full of sheer undiluted joy.Little did we know that just the following day,He was going to give the biggest blessing of life to Hemanya.🙏🙏

  In the evening discourse, we had fortune of Swamiji’s darshan. Never do we see anyone like Him! We were like wilted bodies to which prana returns!😊😊 He looked very embodiment of beauty and grace 🙏
Such joy overcame us that our beings were full of excitement in anticipation of personal meeting with Swamiji the next morning.  

As we were already acquainted with Swamiji’s way of not accepting any material gift,the only things we carried were our hearts full of devotion along with a notebook containing poetry by Hemanya,which she had penned down for Him.

As you all have read about our divine experience of the first meeting with Swamiji,  this time too (as greedy we were for  His love and blessings ) we were expecting a kind of Divine experience which would stay with us forever. And kindness personification as He is,He granted our wish!

When we offered our Pranams, Swamiji dazzled us with the lovely smile,He spoke so lovingly that, bliss flooded our hearts. It was just our second meeting with Him,but we were so much at ease as if we had a bond of lifetimes. 🙏🙏 (and it is true for us literally and figuratively).

Alok narrated to Swamiji about how His Grace turned Hemanya into a poet & how within few minutes she composed such beautiful stuff. Swamiji was smiling throughout,knowing everything as He could see through us and why wouldn’t He, when He is the cause and effect of everything in our lives.

Hemanya chirpily and happily offered Him the gift of a poetry. It was a notebook of handmade paper and she had neatly penned down poems in it. (Hemanya has already written about these poems in post ‘Blessings on papyrus’.

When she gifted the small notebook, Swamiji so lovingly accepted it & asked her, ‘Should I read them & give the notebook back?’ Hemanya innocently answered ‘No Swamiji,  this is a gift for you😊😊  You please keep it’. He smiled & read the poems right there & then smiling jokingly but mystically asked Hemanya the most amazing thing ‘Beta, will you please sign it for me? I have never done  this before! Never asked anyone to sign for me! Do you have a pen ? Or should I give you mine?’

And our lovely Hemanya was over the moon! She instantly took the pen from Swamiji and signed her name,like how a10 year old would sign ,below the poems & gave it back to Him. 

Can you all imagine our reaction & emotions?

 Hemanya stood wide eyed, quivering with adoration.That fair torrent of sweetest words overwhelmed all of us.Our hearts and faces bloomed in ineffable delight 😊 

Why wouldn’t be? It was a very very special blessing by Swamiji.Hemanya still glows with rapture with the memory of that momentous day.We treasure it in our 💕. 

In the first visit,Swamiji had already told us that Hemanya would go way far in life & in this visit,He had simply showed us the glimpse of her bright future!

After those blessed moments, Hemanya’s creative mind has been evolving  phenomenally. Most of you have already witnessed it through her writings on 

Later in the evening discourse,we saw Swami Vidyananda carrying that notebook.We were pleasantly shocked when Swamiji actually read out two of her poems to all the devotees in temple, smiling throughout.What an endearing sight was that! It’s etched in our  memories forever and ever.It is His compassion alone that He gave so much  importance to a child’s musings.His huge encouragement has helped Hemanya to come a long way. He continues to do so.When He commented on her post ‘Tame the devil’ few months back,she was ecstatic!😊😊

When Swamiji left the temple after evening Aarti, Sadhvi Vrinda came to Hemanya.She was gushing about the poems and shared something very beautiful.She told us that after the personal meetings were over, Swamiji called all His disciples to Him & personally read out all the poems to them.🥰😊 Sadhviji was so happy that Hemanya at  an young age of 10,had written such lovely words about His glories! Ever since,Sadhvi Vrinda ji has been constant source of inspiration for Hemanya,as a mentor, guide,  friend and much more, somthing which can not be described in words.

It was a day like none other!The very next day was Hemanya’s birthday, the day she celebrates extravagantly with lot of fun. It’s her birthday today 1st November,so I shared this priceless memory as a birthday gift for  her,to make it more special as Hemanya is the zenith of the blessings  of our life.🧡❤💜

All glories to Swamiji!🙏🙏🙏