In this post, I’m going to share with you something life-changing.

So what is it?

Without beating around the bush.

It’s appreciation!

Yes, you read it right. Before I tell you what is so life-changing about it, you may first try answering a few questions.

Okay, let’s start with the basics.

What is appreciation?

“Hmmm…perhaps giving compliments”?

Not exactly.

Appreciation comes in many ways.

Your body responds when you like something. The goosebumps you get while listening to your favorite song or while doing Japa/stuti. The smile that comes to your face when you see your spouse after a bad day. Simply because you appreciate his/her presence in your life.

These words have little effect and they lack emotion and depth. In a typical Indian house, such type of expression is so unusual, that your mom will sniff your collar and your sibling might think you’re dying tomorrow.

Gratitude and parenting-

Gratitude/appreciation is not comparison.

Wanting better is natural to human nature. Lack of which brings comparison into the picture. We aren’t grateful for what we have. We have just diverted the attention from our state of lack to someone else’s suffering. We also became insensitive or didn’t acknowledge someone else’s feelings. Never compare your pain because it is not solving your problem (not even theirs).

And finally! Appreciation and mindfulness-


Appreciate people around you for what they do. Don’t hit your child for his mistakes. Appreciate him for his honesty and give guidance. You can praise your child in front of guests. Tell him/her that you are proud.

Appreciate your spouse in front of your friends. Like, he/she’s super cool, super chill with you hanging out with your buddies and it makes you so happy. And wow! Your child will behave better and your spouse will act chill when your friends visit. It’s like you just gave a command to software. Appreciation is a wonderful way of subconscious programming.

2) Workplace-

When someone is not appreciated for a certain task, they lose interest in it. Appreciate someone for a task they don’t like and they’ll start liking it. Appreciate and then give comments because it’s encouraging.

3)Appreciate other’s success-

You can’t have something that you condemn in others. It only creates blockages in your success. Jealousy doesn’t take you anywhere.

Eg. Instead of cursing that actor, you think doesn’t deserve the stardom, appreciate because if you were in his place you wouldn’t mind people giving you or your child endless opportunities even if somebody thinks you’re undeserving.

You should rather strongly appreciate the actor, who you think is talented and deserves great opportunities than cursing someone. It’ll make a hell lot of a difference in many lives.

One learns with time and deserves a chance to become better. Trolling does no good to anybody. Don’t waste time spreading negativity. Give all your energy to appreciation. Feedbacks and reviews in a non-abusive way are always great.

4) In your surroundings-

Let’s look around, like a 3-year-old seeing a rainbow for the first time. You are sitting in a room, right? Most likely. The fan above your head has been spinning for years. It’s a boring job, but at least you can smile at it. There’s a watch on the wall. It has a shape, a design that you thought was good for that particular space. Are you sitting on a bed? The bedsheet has a color, a pattern, and a smooth texture. There’s a window for light and ventilation. It most likely has a mesh for safety which also prevent insects from coming inside. The trees beside the road, are doing so much simply by existing. They deserve a thank you.

Are you a woman wearing a saree? You must have put at least 3-4 safety pins. Who even thought of these? They are tiny and so useful. This device and the internet you’re using are capable of changing the world. Things are only insignificant till you pay attention. 

Let’s choose this moment to simply appreciate everything. Things may not have been perfectly great for you and who knows about the future? Everything in the Divine’s creation is imperfect and yet beautiful, just like the forest. The absoluteness of the universe is indeed worthy of appreciation.

Try it for a day and add magic to your mood. Because practicing appreciation isn’t about everything being perfect in your life. Appreciation is about looking past the lack for just this moment.

All glories to Laxmi Narayan.✨