A big hello to my OS.me family. I hope all of you are doing well!! I wanted to share a fantastic article I found online today. We have often been told by various scriptures and even guruji that at one level this whole world is Maya and we are constructing our own reality. 

The latest studies in neuroscience are saying the same thing.

“You Brain Predicts (Almost) Everything You Do. “Neuroscientists like to say that your day-to-day experience is a carefully controlled hallucination, constrained by the world and your body but ultimately constructed by your brain,” writes Dr. Barrett, who is a University Distinguished Professor at Northeastern and who has research appointments at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. “It’s an everyday kind of hallucination that creates all of your experiences and guides all your actions. It’s the normal way that your brain gives meaning to the sensory inputs from your body and from the world (called “sense data”), and you’re almost always unaware that it’s happening.”

This paragraph is an excerpt from this article and you can buy Seven and a Half Lessons about the Brain from Amazon to read the whole story. Take a little time and let this sink in. We have learned this all our life from our spiritual texts. Our gurus have known this for thousands of years. We now have empirical evidence about it. When we say meditation helps you rewire your brain it means you can create your own reality by meditating and sadhana.

Jai Sri Hari. I hope all of you enjoy bliss and happiness every day of your life.

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