Yesterday Swamiji gave us one of the most beautiful gifts in a form of poem as a comment on the Saturday’s post. I wasn’t aware about the comment but my spiritual brother – Abhilash, a beautiful soul – informed me about it.

It was a great revelation and a profound blessing packed together in a small literary piece.

As it began to dawn upon me, if I can internalize and retain the memory of the meaning of this profound poem, I can face any challenge and can overcome any difficulty in life. At the same time, other insights came to my soul.

Each one of you I sense, a divine being who has accompanied me from another world, a distant galaxy

The above revelation made me feel a greater responsibility on my shoulder – if I’m a divine being, who has accompanied Swamiji on this planet – I ought to behave that befits such a being, i.e., with compassion and detachment. In other words, I can no longer hide my tendencies and cravings under the victimhood implied by the assertion “I’m just a pathetic, ordinary being”.

In hindsight, the above revelation is equally liberating. I need not be bogged down by worldly challenges and problems – both of my source and destination aren’t of this world, so why should I bother much about anything (without taking my karma for granted).

Every single one of you who has shown up here I want you to know that you will never walk alone ever again

Swamiji’s words are the truth for me. I don’t need to explain the profound meaning and weight the above blessing carries. Divine powers are with me – I need not afraid in trying anything I aim for.

But when the whole universe is with me, the minimum I can do to express my gratitude is to be a true medium of the light I represent. If I can’t spread to the people around me, the light, the love being showered upon me unconditionally, am I not being highly ungrateful?

Two poems sprang forth from my heart spontaneously after reading Swamiji’s message both of which I had already left as a reply there. Reproducing the same below (with some miner edits). Btw, It had been (I think) years, since I wrote a poem. My tech life had consumed the poet in me.


These words of yours,
Have given us the wings,
Now, we shall fly

In fact, we are already,
On top of the world,
Can’t hold our joy

These words of yours,
What they’ve revealed,
I can’t even fathom,
Where and how much they’ve healed

What hope you’ve given,
What light you’ve shown,
As each one of us begin to walk,
Time will make us known.


Aaj hawa kuchh aur hain, (The air is different today)
Kuchh to hua hain, (Something has happened)
Koi baat to hui hain, (Something indeed has happened)
Mere man ko lagta hain, (My mind can sense that)
Koi nai shuruvaat hui hain (Something new has begun)

Sriman Narayan


Picture used with permission.

Thanks Abhilash with the image

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